Talk with actual strength! He Li aids science and technology of force semiconductor industry to progress

He Li precious metal uses the electrical conductivity of newest test wire that rhodium alloy makes to raise 5 times, the diameter is reduced 50% , surmount semiconductor industry quality to dominate used congener standard data in the round, the quality that makes microprocessor thereby ensures a technology to promote a new height.

Technical personnel is in the position that exceeds the examination other filament material drawbench to press filar standard, in order to ensure the linearity of bougie line.

The factory of He Li precious metal that is located in Germany to breath out Nao produces exceed fine test wire to have more wide application field, can wire of up to mark cannot the height that look forward to reachs. The manufacturer that semiconductor and electronic industry block with bougie people need uses this kind of wire to make the probe that is used at semiconductor brilliant circle to check. They must adjust bougie card ceaselessly, in order to answer yuan of a lot of challenge that trend of miniaturization of parts of an apparatus brings.

He Li precious metal

Electrical conductivity rises 1 to 5 times

The crucial index that evaluates test wire performance includes electrical conductivity, hardness and diameter.

In electrical conductivity respect, the congener alloy wire on the market of innovation product excel of He Li. Its electrical conductivity is more than 30%IACS, and the electrical conductivity of conventional wire is 5–14%IACS only. He Li exceeds filament material flexibility conspicuous, although fall to also have outstanding mechanical strength in high temperature environment, test number is accordingly higher, service life is longer. He Li uses the different precious metal such as palladium, platinum and rhodium to make reel wire or wire rod wire, in order to satisfy all sorts of application requirement.

Finer than standard wire 50%

Quality controls the core element that is semiconductor production. Single crystal circle is included amount to hundreds semiconductor chip, every chip must check through 100% functions. The transistor that goes up as a result of chip is ceaseless miniaturization, the transistor amount of every chip increases ceaselessly, because this is sending the need on cramped space more,use finer probe.

Current and character, be equivalent to the area upside arrange in size of a piece of stamp be as high as 30, 000 bougie. He Li new fund checks wire diameter to be less than 20 micron, 1/4 what be human hair diameter only, finer than standard test wire 50% . Accordingly, new wire controls set for the quality in semiconductor production new standard.

President AndréChristl represents unit of business of whole world of He Li precious metal: “ performance of our new-style test wire is superior, the quality safeguard promotion that makes microprocessor arrived high a new height, consolidated our industry precedes thereby position. The newest chip technology of mobile domain, be like current 5G technology, posing bigger challenge to smartphone and flat computer manufacturer, the chip with requirement performance characteristics is more powerful and smaller size. He Li wishs hand in hand Asia, United States and European client, dig potential of this one business jointly. ”

Will come 5 days on June 2, 2019, the semiconductor brilliant circle that He Li will run in American Santiago checks a seminar (its are revealed on SWTW) new-style test wire.

Offer a product for semiconductor and telegraphic industry, besides must deploy appropriate hardware establishment, to product precision, production the professional knowledge of experience and material and craft respect all has very high demand. 50 come for years, he Li is in exceed filament material to produce a respect to hold lead position all the time. For example, the silk of special type resistor that He Li produces is the main component that the indispensable component; in safe gasbag slides report touchs a head also is this series product. In addition, in semiconductor and communication industry, he Li is being produced fiber-optic the rich experience that also has number 10 years with respect of tall purity vycor.

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