Silicon photon is sent and receive implement industrial dimensions restrained 4.14 billion dollar 2024

The optics that amass put oneself in another’s position (PIC) is sent and receive implement market general grows from the about 4 billion dollar 2018 the about 19 billion dollar 2024, the amount increases about 160 million from about 30 million. Point out according to the research of Yole Développement(Yole) of industrial research organization, it is data and telegraphic network to the demand of the biggest batch of PIC medium data center interrelates (or DCI) , new application will appear, be like 5G wireless technology, car or medical treatment sensor. If Google, apple, Facebook, Yamaxun is mixed,the large network company such as Microsoft already became the impetus of technology of deploy silicon photon nowadays.

PIC is built by a lot of different material literary composition, on tailor-made production platform, include silicon (Si) , phosphor changes indium (silicon of InP) , 2 oxidation (acerbity lithium of SiO2) , niobium (LiNbO3) , nitrogen changes silicon (SiN) , polymer or glass. PIC aims semiconductor, especially the advantage tape that brilliant round class makes learns into photon. Compare with photograph of traditional optical assembly, the advantage of PIC includes smaller photon chip, higher data rate, lower power comsumption, lower every digit to occupy cost and better dependability. PIC is replacing face of perpendicular resonance antrum to shoot Lei She stage by stage (VCSEL) , in order to add the bandwidth in Datacom network and space. PIC is used at successive or the tall data rate that is not progressive die type is sent and receive implement (100G and above) . In the future, tighten close integrated electron and photon class hour when need, need PIC.

Of silicon photon year compound and average growing rate is top for 44% , market dimensions will grow to be equivalent to 1.3 million from the about 455 million dollar 2018, reach about 4 billion dollar to 2024, be equivalent to 23.5 million. Arrive from the subway long-distance / marine DCI is the biggest market, coherent telecommunication and sensor are one fraction only. 5G is coming, future involves a large number of products possibly also. Silicon photon market involves a few participator only at present: Luxtera/Cisco, Intel, Acacia and InPhi. The silicon photon QSFP that Intel rolled out supportive 100G communication 2016 is sent and receive implement. This company is annual shipment 1 million products at data center, the 400G product of Intel predicts to will be in devoted quantity produced second half of the year 2019.

The optics that Intel already became silicon photon is sent and receive implement the 2nd big supplier, of this company send and receive implement the module that contains two independence, this transmitter is configured through assembling chip medium advocate bond has on silicon chip, many more integrated InP Lei She and CMOS chip. Be in advocate on chip, mach-Zehnder modulator has code to question mark, other component focusing or segregation signal. Use the component of smooth CDR of 4 channel 25G that comes from MACOM to process data. Receiver function is in charge of core and TIA circuit to carry out by diode of 4 germanium photoelectricity.

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