ROHM announces to carry on career of Panasonic semiconductor component

Decision of semiconductor manufacturer ROHM will carry on the semiconductor career branch of Panasonic company limited (company limited of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions) what manage extremely canal and partial transistor product line.

Collect Mu semiconductor

Book carry on formally in October 2019, will be opposite by ROHM later Panasonic client undertakes follow-up product peddles carry out correspondence. ROHM regards semiconductor component cause as the group management focus, from 1960 era rises to have the activity such as research and development, production, sale continuously, already obtained the world in transistor of little question mark and diode market at present top class city is occupied rate.

What will accuse the market to head in car phone, labour henceforth is multivariate in the domain, also expect to be able to enlarge the market to have continuously rate, be aimed at especially bipolar the career domain such as diode of neat accept of protection of transistor, circuit, TVS diode will undertake dilate actively, also manage main investment resource for this ROHM group with aggrandizement product line, promote a product quality further, build compose to perfect the stable system that offer money. This second borrow by carry on branch of Panasonic semiconductor career, expectation can enlarge city to occupy further rate.

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