Only month sales volume surmounts the United States first, does Si Zaihua of Lei Ke Sa obtain new breakthrough?

April, china surmounts the United States first, become thunder captures the single market with Sa Siquan the biggest ball that month.

In warm suddenly cold still Chinese car market, a day fastened luxurious brand to resemble hanging however general. 2019 April, leikesasi breaks multinomial sale record in Chinese market.

Sales volume of Si Zaihua of Sa of gram of thunder of only April month is 21, 839, grow 46.9% compared to the same period. Number of this one sales volume overcomes Sa to thunder this the sense is great. This is Leikesasi enters Chinese market 13 years to come, it is more important to obtain only month sales volume to break through 20 thousand achievement; that close greatly first is by right of 21, achievement of 839 only month sales volume, china surmounts American the corresponding period first, become thunder to capture market of first of sales volume of Sa Siquan ball.

April, below Si Qi of Lei Ke Sa many luxurious cars are in China to sell greatly. Among them, wisdom · mixes the sales volume that uses a model for 7, 863, occupy that month 36% of sales volume, sales volume of its sheet month and occupy obtain new tall; than in pairs popular model is brand-new sales volume of ES 4 month is amounted to 10, 629, make onefold model of Leikesasi has sold the feat of 10 thousand in month of Chinese market implementation.



Leikesasi is in China live to differ somewhat with the luxurious car brand such as BBA logically, BBA main with homebred the way that change enlarges his to be in China sales volume and portion, the means that Leikesasi is Chan Ping entrance is in China the market is cultivated and old, but the luxurious car brand that depending on its to be famous in the whole world is famous spend and excellent product force, leikesasi comparatives in the expression of Chinese market dovish. 2018, leikesasi got 160 thousand sale result in Chinese collection, grow 21% compared to the same period, among them wisdom · mixes motor-car sales volume to be close to 50 thousand, it is to grow 42% more compared to the same period. Si Yecheng of Lei Ke Sa imports the amount to in car market not to acquire the brand of growth more for China, its are added fast rank front row.

Not only such, leikesasi still will receive hour of a brightness in Chinese market 2019. Depending on steady sales volume pace, the accumulative total sales volume that Leikesasi is in China will receive 1 million milepost hour this year, for this Leikesasi to showing a person in order to import portion of luxurious automobile body, such hour enough is written to enter its familial honor history.



Si Zaihua of Lei Ke Sa can obtain the breakthrough of milepost type, the brand image that its difference changes profit from and the agency that give power are companionate.

2017, leikesasi begins to undertake a brand upgrade in the light of Chinese market, consumer the brand acknowledge to Leikesasi is the brand concept of luxurious lifestyle from evolution of luxurious car brand. For instance, hold in the near future the name is “ fashionable print: To —— of Andy · Wo Huoer from Picasso Leikesasi speaks in the activity of ” of contemporary and artistic Great Master, leikesasi serves as a sponsor, the precious work that comes from more than 100 Wo Huoer of · of Picasso, Dali, Andy to wait for artistic Great Master takes China first. Leikesasi hopes the activity that carries such and brand are publicized, share “ art to take the concept of life ” with the public, present the luxurious character of rich temperature. This kind of concept of Leikesasi also as it happens agrees with those who woo the Chinese customer of high quality lifestyle to appeal to beg.



Again for instance, the form of naval vessel of Si Qi of Lei Ke Sa that this year Shanghai car extends global head to send is luxurious MPV is brand-new LM all also shows Leikesasi the brand concept of the luxurious lifestyle of thorough China tradition, its are designed in blending in element of Chinese traditional aesthetic each corners. For example, brand-new the vitreous screen window that LM around discharges independent space to come from Chinese traditional screen by inspiration is separated completely. Brand-new LM still is in Leikesasi uses LEXUS first in the model plaque of ” of Chinese ink of “ silver-colored water, with the writing of Oriental and traditional enjoyable landscape and rice paper grain, and proper ornament and stay white, with drive intention of the person that multiply to be interlinked, in landscape artistic conception, savour the art of life journey.



Say so, having Leikesasi is to have a luxurious car not just, more indicative luxurious lifestyle.

In addition, the agency of Leikesasi and China is companionate people cooperation is cheerful all the more also. Up to by this year March, amount of agency of Si Zaihua of Lei Ke Sa already amounted to 203, assured those who rise its sales volume is moderate base dish. And the agency operation system that depending on health, this year first quarter, leikesasi is 0.5 months only in dealer inventory coefficient of China, far the luxurious car market under 1.5 months is average level. Reduced Leikesasi not only agency is companionate people inventory pressure, also made sure terminal market value is stable.

Leikesasi is about to be in with the means of the entrance China the feat that has amount of 1 million body, enough becomes luxurious car manufacturer people the surveyor’s pole that waits for each respect in brand conduct propaganda, agency management. The success never is to accomplish in one move, leikesasi deserves thorough research one time in Chinese operation pattern.

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