Meaning law semiconductor releases environment of free and compositive development, enlarge group of ecology of STM32Cube small controller further

To mix business uses compositive development environment (IDE) the tool is euqally good with, STM32CubeIDE was developed adequatelyMeaning law semiconductor What bought 2017 is embedded the technical dominant position that develops tool manufacturer Atollic® . This IDE software uses the open mode of occupation standard to permit an article, what be based on STM32 to simplify and be accelerated is embedded design, added STM32 special function newly, include the configuration of STM32CubeMX small controller with powerful function and project government tool.

STM32Cube ecosystemEnrage in developer go-between quite tall, STM32CubeMX looks the year before last year all downloads a quantity to exceed 250, 000. Now, pass integrated STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE, Meaning law semiconductorFounded a more powerful development environment, of far business success friend with type tool product. The code that the complete ecosystem of STM32Cube still includes STM32CubeProgrammer is burned write implement run monitor with the code of STM32CubeMonitor series, and the MCU firmware bag of numerous independence.

Ricardo De Sa Earp of general manager of department of career of small controller of meaning law semiconductor expresses: “ innovates through this one technology, user can the function that utmost land improves a product and function, shorten research and development is periodic, reduce development cost. After this the applied foreground that we will continue to enlarge STM32. STM32CubeIDE is a component of STM32Cube software ecosystem, can not have many 800 STM32 MCU that seams support to have to reach its relevant hardware board. ”

STM32CubeIDE is released formally already now, and will in April peak of STM32 of 26-27 day Shenzhen is met on showpiece.

More technology information:

The user that STM32CubeIDE is based on AtollicTrueStudio® software is friendly interface and powerful function, compositive STM32CubeMX, innovation goes the IDE that a former plant that has an advantage alone supports. This IDE includes:

· easily the STM32CubeMX of begin is configured implement with code builder, have; of power comsumption and function of clock tree analysis

The rich function of ·TrueStudio, include an editor, compile implement, found / memory / stack analysis, project guide;

· is debugged implement, breakdown analysis, dog and analyse visible tool, the mistake dogs;

· supports from exceed STM32L0 of low power comsumption to carry all sorts of Arm®Cortex®-M 32 to many 800 of high-powered STM32H7 the; of STM32 small controller of the kernel

·IDE is based on mature Eclipse to open source platform, issue free accredit; in CDT, GCC and GDB

· can be gotten freely and use at; of business expenditures eye need not advertisement.


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