Large sheet in one’s hand, aeva wants a 4D lidar sells Ao Di to drive automatically branch

Drive automatically

All the time since, drive automatically the industry is having unending controversy around lidar. One group person thinks, full automatic without lidar driving is an illusion necessarily; Another group person is certain, pure end is adscititious to carrying machine study photograph can do like head and radar calm full automatic drive.

On this problem, aodi stands sturdily in lidar indispensable this one party.

Before before long, aeva announces to fall to drive automatically with Ao Diqi sectional AID reachs the strategy to cooperate, its 4D lidar matchs the bid that makes Ao Di E-Tron check motorcade.

Aeva company author is Mina Rezk of stylist of hardware of the optics before Ni Kang and Soroush Salehian, they are in work of special project group passes the apple. Just a year of much time, this company took financing of 45 million dollar.

“ can cooperate with the most marvellous manufacturer inside course of study is our honor, with Ao Di’s strategy collaboration can reveal the extraordinary of Aeva 4D lidar. ”AID company CTO Alexandre Haag is in statement say. “ the optimal choice that our technology is perceptive domain apparently, it combined the advantage such as remote, high accuracy and interference rejection. ”

Lidar industry can not lack new force, after all 2024, its market dimensions can leap up rises to 3.5 billion dollar, and let Aeva be in car compasses of a Triton of the minnows in lidar manufacturer is the technology on their hand.

So called 4D lidar, need one frame image to be able to explore the speed of the object and way only, its are the biggest exploration distance is to be as high as 300 meters more, power comsumption still is less than 100 tile.

Generally speaking, traditional machinery or solid state lidar can use laser array to make bit of cloud chart, as to the speed of the object and direction, the flight time that needs to rely on laser will calculate.

Aeva can have lain between this computation process completely, want sheet only stimulate beam of light and encode signal, can explore frequency change, give the speed of the object and way in order to calculate. Simple for, lidar resembles this 4D the much Pu Lelei of optical edition is amounted to.

4D lidar

Since everybody’s job is exploration object speed and direction, 4D is lidar better than the other product on the market where be?

Above all, it can be economic calculate force and time. Lidar saves 4D a few millisecond that come out are enough and automatic drive system make judgement as early as possible, because this car is safe,also can rise accordingly.

Lidar returns the 4D of Aeva another sell a site greatly, namely complete to interference immunity.

This “ skill nods ” you are afraid very rare hear of, because it is not a big question now. Nevertheless, “ armed ” is spread all over on prospective path of lidar drive automatically after the car, the likelihood can have false signal problem to appear. The 4D of Avea lidar cast off this one problem thoroughly from the design, also mean tomorrow massive amount is postpartum, the manufacturer need not worry about this product on the way absquatulate.

Of course, aeva still has the price of killer mace —— that manufacturer cannot reject, it should help lidar price 3 digit. Want to know, the Velodyne that can achieve 300 meters of exploration distances likewise top class product, only station price is as high as 75 thousand dollar, and the Velodyne of 100 meters of exploration ability is only low upright product VLP-16 sells 4000 dollars even.

Those who need an attention is, ao Di did not abandon rectifying an old forest for Avea, AID still is in the lidar sensor program that evaluates much home company. Last year the end of the year, it announces with lidar market another parvenu Luminar spreads out collaboration.

Of course, reaching collaboration is the first pace only, aeva still must have development communication actively with AID, so that fill in the sensor system “ of volume of oneself shoe box,enter E-Tron of ” Ao Di to check a car. Nevertheless, aeva combines father Soroush Salehian not to wish to divulge Ao Di prepared to more or less check a car after all, perhaps say average user when to just can be produced in the quantity this technology sees on the car.

Although Aeva has an advantage on the technology, but it is not easy that it wants to fight a way of a blood from congested lidar industry. Although keep away from,such super tycoon does not talk about Velodyne, aeva still should face Innoviz (firm March be in harmony 132 million dollar) , Oryx, Ouster and TetraVue such doughty adversary, another new army the prism optics design that Baraja depends on innovation took investment of 32 million dollar.

As to in front mentioned Luminar, still reached the strategy to cooperate with Wo Erwo recently. Did not forget, drive automatically Waymo of one elder brother also begins the circle recently devote into lidar market, its gold-lettered signboard can not be to start a company newly people can compare.

Besides Ao Di AID, aeva also has other partner.

The car manufacturer that issued large order for lidar is not rarely seen, to them this is to drive automatically the ” of Mr “ crucial of stack (go up in generation product at least) .

Nevertheless, in lidar we must keep sensible on this problem, because it is not 2 pick the hard choice of one. Although you can use end to be maintained to carrying machine study technology,drive automatically platform, also did not have be not toed move to drive by discharge out on behalf of lidar the alignment of car sensor system.

“ we are certain, a safe stack backside is huge output. ”Salehian explanation. “ if you are used only photograph like the head, can a lot of troubles are obstructed drive automatically double eye of the system, there must be the big move that offsets sensor technology weakness on your hand so. What we can offer for the manufacturer is the ability that be explored ahead of schedule and measures directly. ”

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