Heart state apparatus: Intelligent scuttle is brought more actor drives experience

The new technology of car of profit from future, scuttle and car vehicle window stick film to already made a car now but process designing function. Be in the rotational place of switch, you can be held back now the light that passes car scuttle or in nightly the sky with the wispy appreciation when driving.


A manufacturer that the name is Research Frontiers used SPD-SmartGlass technology to create electronic glass to stick film. This technology is passed in glass, plastic, acrylic acid or film of chemical aggrandizement glass tone follows accept rice grain. This kind of glass can hold back quantity of heat, sunshine, ultraviolet ray and noise. SPD-SmartGlass adopts the voltage range that the change brings to bear on to go up in glass, can control the radial standard that enters car accurately.


For drive this is planted dynamic glass, signal of AC of need high pressure is fast and directional grain of rice of block smooth accept.


Intelligent scuttle design offerred a large number of advantages for the passenger inside the car. Below the condition that stick film, it can reduce quantity of heat to deliver and prevent dazzle, sticking film and transparent condition to fall, it can reduce ultraviolet ray and infrared ray. Control sticks film chromatic level allows an user to adjust these requirements in the light of the environment beside.


The high-pressured AC signal with necessary generation sticks film mediumly with controlling a car chromatic level has challenge sex, because the car is done not have easy acquisition AC voltage source. Contrary, the power inverter circuit that needs to use the DC voltage car batteries to change the voltage that it is AC will generate AC voltage signal.

The car SPD-SmartGlass driver of heart state apparatus consults the design revealed a kind of method that changes DC the power source that it is AC. The two core component in this design is:


Converter of ● step up, use at be changeover of DC of low-pressure car batteries high-pressured DC.

● Complete bridge driver, use at be DC signal changeover AC signal.


From this, wave of square wave, sine or other and periodic weaveform can provide power for glass.


Reference of car SPD-SmartGlass driver is designed


 The graph shows the block diagram that designs for reference 1 times, and the graph is shown 2 times control voltage to how be among these in measure in order to generate sine wave.


Control voltage


Control intelligence scuttle is chromatic level


Glass sticks film chromatic level and the extent with undee drive are direct and relevant. If the graph is shown 3 times, with sine rate constant change occupies sky comparing to be able to generate sine wave. After filter wave, this meeting produces sterling bowstring wave to output. Can adjust pulse width modulation further (PWM) occupy sky comparing, in order to control the extent of this sine wave.


Option of another extent control is to adjust the voltage that provides complete bridge. The sine wave PWM of drive axle itself need not be adjusted forever, and shrink the necessary change that puts the voltage that provides bridge to will bring about sine amplitude. This is the method that uses in referenced design.

For drive FET SmartGlass of final drive, driver of grid of two half bridge (UCC27712-Q1) is configured for complete bridge. As a result of its each other is locked up and function of dead band time, UCC27712-Q1 is used apply hereat, connect in order to ensure high side and low side FET won’t guide at the same time.


The feedback pin that DC/DC of control high pressure presses supervises the power supply of complete bridge. Connect those who receive the FB pin of converter of LM5155-Q1 step up to join resistance through using, volts d.c. (by the graph 3 medium node VDAC express) controallable LM5155-Q1 outputs voltage, increase thereby or reduce step up tension.


Join resistance with what output an operation at voltage

Graph 3: Join resistance with what output an operation at voltage


VDAC voltage passes use resistor – capacitance (RC) filter and bumper are small to coming from the PWM signal of controller has filter wave and arise, found PWM digital-to-analogue converter thereby (DAC) . Graph the 4 PWM that say palpability is different occupy sky comparing and RC amortize circuit how to produce different DC voltage n, join circuit in order to be used at frit silk box.


Catenary of PWM DAC signal

Graph 4: Catenary of PWM DAC signal

Generate high-pressured dc signal

Another of referenced design distinctive function is join the charge pump voltage to step up converter 3 times implement, if pursue,5 are shown. Charge pump makes the voltage output of step up converter increases 3 times, so that can make 200V power supply, and need not large and costly transformer base power source circuit.


Charge pump voltage 3 times implement

Graph 5: Charge pump voltage 3 times implement


An advantage of this kind of method that produces 200V tension is a graph semiconductor of 5 medium switch metal oxide field effect transistor (MOSFET) the voltage that Q2 needs to output capacitance C16 to go up to bottom only undertakes rated. This makes you can use cost in the design the package with rated lower, smaller voltage, and rather than is more than the component of 200 V.


Increase as the power of MOSFET and voltage rating, grid is mixed leakage pole capacitance also can increase. When trying to control MOSFET with the frequency of 2 MHz, these capacitance can be brought about pressure place rate and rise time issue, because this inferior voltage requirement can be found more easily,have proper input and the MOSFET that output capacitance.

Charge pump still reduced the stress on switch node. For from make an appointment with 10 V to rise to make an appointment with 200 V, switch node need is extremely tall occupy sky comparing, stay to pass time dinkily thereby, bring very great stress to step up converter. Because charge pump reduces the tension of converter 1/3 (with 3 times it is cost at exporting electricity) , because this is occupied,be compared for nothing and close time to ask to be reduced significantly.


The easy that intelligent scuttle can raise cab is measurable, offer much better, more comfortable drive experience. Our electronic product innovation can aid you to accelerate the process of the main component that drives this new technology as prospective intelligence.


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