Hailishi will produce Q2 2019 memory of craft of the 2nd acting 10nm

Hailishi disclosed SK recently, the company will raise his generation class of 10 accept rice workmanship (namely the DRAM crop of 1Xnm) , the 2nd generation that will begin to sell its to make in second half of the year class of 10 accept rice makes a technology (renown the memory of 1Ynm) . Will make to the transition of technology of class of 10 accept rice this company increases DRAM output quickly, reduce cost finally, prepare to play generation memory.

Use SK first product that 1Ynm production technology makes Hailishi will be chip of its 8GbDDR4-3200 memory. This manufacturer represents, compare with the photograph of similar parts of an apparatus that uses its 1Xnm to make a technology, new technology makes its can narrow the chip dimension of 8GbDDR4 parts of an apparatus 20% , reduce its power comsumption 15% . In addition, it is important that the 8GbDDR4-3200 chip that Hailishi is about to roll out SK has two improve: Plan of 4 photographs clock and Sense amplifier control a technology.

Although although these technologies are in this year very important also to DDR4, but according to saying Hailishi will use SK its 1Ynm workmanship makes DDR5, LPDDR5 and GDDR6DRAM. Accordingly, hailishi must promote his the 2nd generation as soon as possible class of 10 accept rice makes a technology, for prospective ready-made.

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