Drive automatically of the supplier contend for: Who comes does dominant intelligence car supply chain?

The car is new under the 4 tide that turn, truckload factory cannot pure the manufacturer that plays the part of show travel tool only, transition is hasten of general trends place. Be changed by couplet of car intelligence network and drive automatically brought technical revolution, because cross the property of class confluence, let leader plant be thrown energetically not only, aid those who chose traditional car vendor to upgrade, the company that also allows the trade such as more and more IT, communication is entered in a large-scale.

The Shanghai car 2019 is exhibited, china be join first exhibit for the focus that fix eyes upon. And this second Shanghai car exhibits a lot of other new blood to also be worth to pay close attention to, science and technology of knowing and doing, standing grain is for instance much science and technology, fast vacate get together achieve wait to drive automatically poineering company, what they aim at is to become drive automatically the supplier of the solution.

Drive automatically

And the enterprise of famous international component such as rich world, Anbofu, mainland, Faleiao, also brought newest drive automatically relevant technology. In addition, the car exhibited this second Shanghai to establish “ future technically still to give a ” to exhibit a house independently, attracted numerous try to enter drive automatically of the domain enter newly bureau person.

The quantity that drives automatically produces night before last, this industry is extremely lively. Current, major leader plant already rolled out embarking L2 class to assist drive the quantity of function and technology produces a model, and begin advance to L3 class model.

Can seeing is, leader plant cannot realize the technical revolution that drives automatically alone, the help of the supplier is the crucial link that its accelerate intelligence to change a course.

Type of component company progress step by step develops

To one class supplier, china has become his to be in the significant position of global market, and drive automatically the domain also erupts in China tremendous energy and latent capacity. Exhibit in this second Shanghai car, a lot of ground of do one’s best rolled out one class supplier to be able to help leader plant aid push drive automatically new technology of revolution.

Among them, car of concept of dynamoelectric bus of rich world IoTShuttle becomes heat to view an emphasis. Bodywork of concept of dynamoelectric bus of rich world IoTShuttle showed rich world newest foreground and look into, showed automation, interconnection to change the solution with electrification. In addition, rich world still can offer traffic of intelligence of a complete set of to give a service, include car to book, automatic berth car, charge the service such as the service.

More clear and upper him palpability is in one class supplier to drive automatically the position of the domain and footing. I think “ a bit clearer, we won’t be car manufacturer, we are companies of a technology. Although be exhibited in ours,you can see a such dynamoelectric buses that nobody drive reveal in the stage, but we can not make this car, we are driving automatically reach other respect to offer corresponding technology. ”4 month 16 days, markusHeyn of member of board of directors of rich age group reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter expresses.

Wei world understands the core product that show, the SmartCore region controller that is initiate and DriveCore drive automatically the conformity between region controller. Pass the conformity of controller of these two kinds of region, cooperate interactive interface, can come true to arrive from L2 class of L3 class without seam switch; to collect dust inspire confidence in sb to be in Shanghai global head sent those who carry product of the 2nd acting ProAI to collect car of model of CoPILOT of dust inspire confidence in sb, satisfy the requirement that L2+ drives automatically.

The product that rolls out from each and technology can discover, one class supplier pays attention to L2 level to assist more and more drive, can mention L3 level to drive automatically even be born quantity is produced, but the high level that shows L4/L5 level rarely drives automatically. They pay attention to will newest technology to embark to produce a car to go up in the quantity more, come true quickly through can coming for leader plant ode commercialize, score gain.

“ is in recently 9 years, a lot of truckload the factory is beginning to develop driver support system. Because,this is truckload factory all the time since the security that devotes oneself to to increase a vehicle, lower accident rate. The technology of L2 develops two this years really faster, wide also suffer an user to welcome, very much even truckload factory, had begun to be entered toward L3 act vigorously. Driver support system, the security that enhancing a car actually is spent, those who raise user interface is friendly model respect, can have very great help. ”MarkusHeyn reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter expresses.

The tycoon that cross a boundary spells zoology

In marching toward the course that intelligence changes, the car will be no longer alone individual. The arrival of 5G times, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, let increasing Internet and communication company add intelligent car this new ground.

Shanghai car is exhibited on, among the well-known company that exhibits in the numerous much ginseng that cross a boundary, what fix eyes upon most is to attend what the car exhibits first China for. Between car exhibition period, china for spell president Xu Zhijun was announced China bed car strategy. “ China to do not build a car, focusing ICT technology, help car look forward to builds good car, china the increment assembly vendor that faces car of intelligent network couplet to devote oneself to to become. ” Xu Zhijun says.

China the supplier that becomes car company to want, but the business that wants to do is very much however, basically include: Focusing ICT technology, offer for car company be based on center of MDC(mobile data) the car carries computational platform and intelligence to drive what subsystem solution; is based on Hua Weiyun is automatic drive (training, emulate, test) car of cloud service Octopus;4G/5G carries mobile module and T-BOX and car to hold network;HUAWEIHiCar person – car – domestic full-court scene is not had seam interconnection solution.

This is the plan ” with a package “ , look with the Baidu that car field has entered before this, A in, Tecent is very similar. Outer bound looks, china encircle to want to build a new modes of life and relation to their environment in intelligent car compose.

Before this, zong Lianheng closes ceaselessly in automobile industry in Baidu, Tecent, A, compose built a complex zoology system. Among them, the Apollo with Baidu most the outside is hep. In the plan of Baidu, look forward to of car of ” of ceaseless “ hook in joins alliance, the system that tries to establish an occupation standard that belongs to oneself will let car look forward to use, the look forward to that it is a car is endowed with can, finish primitive technology to accumulate, pave a road to be commercialized large-scaly.

“ crosses the relation between group company and car look forward to, before be different from the relation of traditional leader plant and Tier1 supplier, the associate that is close to win-win of a kind of collaboration more concerns. Car look forward to and each takes what he needs of the tycoon that cross a boundary, the strong point of ICT enterprise is software, and leader plant is in other domain especially truckload make this is stronger. Before it is mature to had not developed in industry of automobile of couplet of whole intelligence network, the mutual combination, consensus that making the technology first is everybody. ”4 month 29 days, the personage inside car line of business expresses to the reporter.

Nevertheless, in the backside that the surface cooperates, each just are in firm him core competition ability while, strive for silently also can acquire a partner more core competition ability. Car look forward to also does not wish to will rely on enterprise of some home ICT to realize all intelligence to change a technology only completely, measure different company to get the actor inferior position of region to choose a partner in different core however.

During Shanghai car is exhibited this year, OK and apparent ground is experienced, supplier of leader plant, one class and the ICT enterprise that cross a boundary, become the three-ply force that drives automatically, and there are daedal competition and cooperative concern between three-ply force.

Nevertheless, what produce overnight level to be in a quantity at present is automatic drive in light of the industry, auxiliary drive commercializing be born is crucial, from the L2 development to type of L3 advance gradually already predominate. Assisting driving supply in chain, one class supplier and ICT enterprise, had begun to seek more as thorough as car look forward to and mixed cooperative pattern. And cannot look clear at present, who can master speech dominant power finally.

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