Does SamSung think overtake stage accumulates report? This is basic it is an impossible task!

Stage of bibcock of acting labour of global brilliant circle accumulates report to go 10 come for years complete block has mainland government absolutely of abstruse aid in core international challenge, encountered again again recently obtain card of the battle below South Korea government, target force aids SamSung to took kingship of acting labour of global brilliant circle continuously 2030.

To this, semiconductor is relevant course of study person think generally, at present SamSung city is occupied about only 7~8% , with the stage the photograph that accumulate report goes very far, EUV of 7 accept rice makes Cheng Yi did not see real volume is produced, and client regression or the information that add newly, the difficulty that stage of SamSung desire overtake accumulates report is quite tall.

Brilliant circle

Semiconductor is relevant course of study person point out, unless SamSung accelerates the Cheng when the quantity is produced in EUV of 7 accept rice, and obtain afresh connect high (Qualcomm) is high-ranking large sheet of as new as malic IPhone machine, or it is to issueing battlefield of for generations 5G to be behaved somewhat, organic meeting pulls ability to accumulate electric difference with the stage nearly.

And in although core has Liang Mengsong to hold dish, but the power of 1 person is limited, its are high-ranking make Cheng still stay in 28 accept rice, and hold integral proportion only 5~6% , 14 accept rice still also is in phase of client test and verify, as tremendous as difference of stage accumulating report.

whole, unless the stage accumulates report to appear serious mistake and lose the big client such as the apple, adversary group it is to won’t have opportunity of make use of every bit of time or space, stage accumulating report did not come to city 10 years to occupy a meeting enlarge to add won’t cut.

Enter Cheng of 7 pay the metric system first, take an apple firmly, China accumulate report to wait for the stage of large sheet, city was occupied 2018 be as high as 56% as before, and roll out in succession as EUV of 7 accept rice and technology of Cheng of 6 pay the metric system, 5 accept rice and 3 accept rice press established plan to advance, banner posture will last.

The market beforehand appraise, stage accumulating report is clear about before disclose blue print of the technology that make Cheng, reach by right of money of the logistic technology that make Cheng, special technology that make Cheng, silicon wisdom enclose test technology, significant force aids a client to shorten the Cheng when chip is designed and quicken a product to appear on the market speed, the competitive advantage of poor dissimilation takes below 56% city to occupy, make city of its be far ahead is occupied all be less than 1 become mate group.

At present on the market only remnant SamSung electron accumulates electric power battle with the stage continuously labour battlefield takes the place of under 7 accept rice, the others comprises case core (report of GlobalFoundries;GF) , couplet and in core accumulate even the stage electric car taillight to cannot see, prevenient into make Cheng be advanced steadily reach professional generation labour obtains client accredit to fall, 3 years city holds tomorrow of stage accumulating report be expected to break through 6 into close greatly.

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