Does dimensions of 2019 semiconductor market amount to 458.5 billion dollar? AI drives semiconductor to grow

Endowment plan is met industrial information institute (MIC) beforehand appraise, artificial intelligence (AI) application will be a growing kinetic energy, hong Chunhui of MIC assistant director points out, combine technology and the content such as AI vision, speech to serve trader as communication hardware terminal, innovation gives new application, new service, 2019 dimensions of global semiconductor market beforehand appraise will amount to 458.5 billion dollar.




In addition, it is with respect to AI consumptive application market, MIC beforehand appraise, market dimensions anticipates this year amount to 1.8 billion dollar, reached 4.15 billion dollar 2022. Occupy with natural language identifying in technical type than highest, exceed 6 to be next into; ” language wisdom combines video identifying ” , also be all technology type in, have future the technology of growing latent capacity of height of relevant product market.

Hong Chunhui points out, technology, data, application control and talent all are success of industrial development AI crucial. MIC points out, the 3 big keys that can successful AI changes the industry are ” many number data ” , ” professional domain knowledge ” with ” AI software talent ” . Through accumulating many, high quality and the core base that the data of mark builds AI, unscramble demand of data, set to use situation with industrial expert collaboration, borrow finally build compose model by AI talent, assist an enterprise to dismantle solution and strategy of protocol AI analysis.

Hong Chunhui expresses further, what AI development needs is technical gradual progress not only, the most important is ” human nature turns application ” , demand of life of mankind of press close to, just be AI technology the basis of long-term development.

Xie Zhenxiu of senior industry analyst points out, AI has diffused to consumptive sex product, include product of net of couplet of content of home appliance, family expenses, communication to wait, and prospective AI consumer goods, must understand the mankind’s more complex language and language meaning, look so that understand more complex video identifying, can judge the requirement that the mankind raises even finally.

She thinks, the consumer goods that follow AI takes the life, wireless communication and domestic broadband environment also grow synchronism, drive demand of market of net of consumptive content couplet, nevertheless, the friction that also will produce market contest to close with product of traditional spending sex at the same time flames of war.

Xie Zhenxiu suggests, taiwan manufacturer has hardware to create a dominant position, can supply a face to cut the market to supply chain from crucial module, drive 0 component to face towards high-ranking product line develops. On the other hand, the hardware design that Taiwan has fast, flexibility and production advantage, will can assist AI software, high in the clouds service and achieve a manufacturer newly to develop a product, grab quickly attack market business chance.

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