Does air conditioning chip need to count an import? Beautiful: IPM module already but can accuse independently

Since last year, chip industry development of China got the outside pays close attention to extensively. Two domains develop chip and operating system relative to slower current situation, what be generalized to be “ to be short of ” of core little fetch is painful.

So does Chinese air conditioning use chip can autarky? On April 26, the media that beautiful air conditioning holds in its responds to on open day activity: Beautiful air conditioning has come true to be able to accuse independently on IPM module, MCU chip basically is relied on at present exterior purchase.


Air conditioning chip already had a breakthrough

According to beautiful respect introduction, air conditioning basically divides with chip it is two kinds big: One kind is IPM module, one kind is MCU chip. IPM is whole frequency conversion of the machine outdoor is electronic-controlled the core chip inside, at present the beautiful core intellectual property that has had IPM.

As we have learned, beautiful IPM research and development only then 2010, after two years, the company develops the IPM that gave framework of the first IMS of countrywide. 2013, came true beautifully homebred grind oneself the quantity of IPM is produced.

Beautiful respect says, chip is industry of a heavy investment, using “ of the United States to abstain + the mode of acting labour ” is driven together with the partner, already developed many acting plants now, the company’s current IPM annual produce is controlled 100 million yuan, as acting factory gradually reinstate, production value will grow quickly, the target is inside 5 years production value exceeds 1 billion yuan.

To MCU chip, buy outside beautiful main support. The personage expresses related the company, beautiful studying for a long time and pay close attention to MCU, still do not have sortie at present. Basically be 5 years ago import from the country such as Japan, United States. These two years, MCU chip development of home is rapidder also.

” daily economy news ” the reporter notices, at the beginning of April, in clever electron (300327.SZ) expresses when answering investor question, of frequency conversion air conditioning advocate accuse MCU the market that now is foreign manufacturer forestall. Its are mentioned at the same time, the frequency conversion air conditioning of the company advocate accuse MCU to also the client guides design, just had not entered a quantity to produce at present.

Division force also made great efforts in chip domain. Last year August, division force establishs chip company technically, register capital 1 billion yuan.

According to reporter understanding, main component is chip design, make and enclose 3 domains. At present the chip of our country mainland is designed and enclose an industry to have rapidder development, what basically lag behind is to creating a field. The brilliant round manufactory of the mainland because the multiple element limitation such as technology, equipment, material, will be in pursuant condition all the time for years.

The reporter notices, no matter be beautiful,still be division force, it is from the design the domain cuts chip industry. And the chip design of fractionize domain, the doorsill did not imagine in so tall.

Ni Guangna of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering expressed when accepting sina to interview last year: The treatment production of “ chip often has a few big company to be able to be assumed only, scale of production is very big, investment is advanced very hard too less. But chip design firm has a lot of however in China, because the design often can face application, small company also can be done. ”

Core industry catenary is firm already

The electric home appliances<gj that is a delegate with air conditioning is one of industries that China has international competition ability. The rise of industry of Chinese air conditioning, have bigger concern with the core skill that mastered main component.

The main component of air conditioning is electric machinery and compressor, mix beautifully at present division force is own production. According to beautiful respect introduction, the whole world every 10 electric machinery or compressor, among them 3 come from this company. Specific for, beautiful electric machinery whole world is had rate for 31% , compressor is 35% .

Of course, at present air conditioning industry also faces a few problems, the experience that for instance consumer turns to intelligence is not quite good, will lack revolutionary innovation to wait a moment for years.

Net of abstruse dimension cloud releases before this ” market of family expenses air conditioning analysed a report 2018 ” show, total sales of air conditioning market was 201 billion yuan last year, grew 4.1% only compared to the same period, and sale is 57.03 million, grow 1.6% only compared to the same period.

In overall growth already below relatively slow setting, how will future of air conditioning industry develop? Beautiful respect expresses, the function that is pair of component continues to promote, wait to agent of compressor, chip, electric machinery, refrigeration for instance undertake promoting; 2 it is a basis the product that different demand research and development can satisfy customer more, have the property such as energy-saving, environmental protection, health for instance, and temperature, humidity, can fresh to airy degree undertake general management wait.

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