Dispatch flying Zhi Yuanyan becomes dragon: AI aids force garden area to digitlize He Zhihui to change

On May 9, congress of development of estate of terminal of intelligence of first China International is in Sichuan appropriate guest is held ceremoniously. This is China communication association, letter connects people of courtyard, China external association of estate of friendship association, China, China holds communication of bldg. association, India and Electric Energy Association concurrently to wait for 5 large association first together, with “ confluence ” of the times, innovation that cross a boundary gives priority to a problem, show view of modes of life and relation to their environment of intelligent terminal industry in the round.



Graphic representation: Abundant of vise general manager of limited company of breath science and technology becomes dispatch flying Zhi Yuanxin dragon

The “ wisdom city that holds afternoon and ” of development of wisdom community technology divide forum to go up, yan Chenglong of vise general manager of limited company of breath science and technology expresses dispatch flying Zhi Yuanxin, artificial intelligence digitlizes area of the garden that help strength He Zhihui to change, when data adds model encounter artificial intelligence, the wisdom of garden area is changed can anticipate.

Yan Chenglong expresses, as the be born that 5G is in China and test and verify, 5G times is the times of artificial intelligence more. 5G solved the problem of huge data circumfluence. Because of high-powered center calculating force, can the promotion of better drive AI.

Yan Chenglong points out at the same time, groovy garden area construction cannot leave infrastructure, cannot leave a building. And the construction of infrastructure, more likelihoods paying close attention to previously is hardware investment, but this kind of data that is based on hardware management looks at present and did not undertake deepness confluence with the data of business, future hopes to the data of setting uses inside the data of the infrastructure attribute of this kind of strong hardware and garden area, the data that has depth is shirt-sleeve, do the research of deepness and output around the square all along that applies setting jointly, will support the construction of new-style garden area.

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