China build plant of research and development of 400 people chip to be in England, threw operation 2021

Current, in the global storm that Hua Weizheng is in 5G network, because of taboo of each country of Europe of American go canvassing China for equipment, call its problem of equipment existence safety. Although the United States gives each country to apply all the time,press, by April when, england expresses to had decided to want to let China to participate in British 5G deploy, be confined to the equipment that is not core nevertheless, wait for relevant component like aerial.

Today (4) day, according to England ” financial times ” report, china be in center of industry of British silicon chip for the plan Cambridge is suburban the plant of chip research and development that builds a 400 people, headquarters of distance Arm holding company only Cheng of 15 minutes of cars.

China for

As we have learned, china be in to plan to set the shop in distance Cambridge about 7 miles Sawston village, basically be the chip that development leads a network with Yu Kuan. Last week, its are in charge of high in place auditorium of a middle school announces to dwellers, preparation tries to transform to a deserted factory.

China for company of England of technical research and development presiding apparitor HenkKoopmans expresses, he bought a website with negotiation of 37.5 million pound last year all 550 acre land, this website once belonged to Spicers, this is but restrospect to the stationery firm 1796.

China tell a dweller for tall canal, this factory will throw operation 2021, can create 400 works station at most.

China the foundation that uses old warehouse and beet deposit facilities for the plan, build a series of building facilities, wh some of which is as high as 25 meters. This company urges the dweller that attends the meeting to raise their quoted price. China to express, can bankroll, did not use area what be in this area to build center of new-style medical treatment, public transportation station, and any establishment that dwellers hope to have.

China the competition ability with the semiconductor talent powerful creation that will be this area to decide to make chip in Cambridge. China it is to still state final likelihood still is met over there software of development artificial intelligence.

As we have learned, the technical company Arm with the biggest England accuses was bought by company of Japanese soft silver 2016, this company already invested enlarge rank of its Cambridge employee, buy in order to reduce people to 24 billion pound of the case anxious. The Arm development in smartphone domain, of the company of other this locality that along with tells company division high to issue CSR inside rise abruptly, had turned Cantabrigian city into a dedicated Yu Xin piece the technical center of the design.

China a when be tall canal expresses, china the development that is chip plant to will compare old stationery plant reduces more bottleneck. I can place “ in the boot in the car million such chip, and the carriage bulk of paper products is gotten than this ponderosity much. He says ” .

To the plant is being built in Cambridge, most dweller maintains positive attitude to the factory.

The viewpoint that “ thinks like China such economic system won’t have fun at to Cambridge is very absurd, because Cambridge is the bitter fleabane of heat technique knowledge,suddenly develops an area. ” from the dweller respecting that here moves since 2010.

This is opposite “ China to have bit of affront, but we should cooperate with China sooner or later. We cannot prevent it, or they can go to other place. A sale adviser says ” .

China employed to be in England thousands of person, include to there are about 120 people in Cambridge among them. This company ever announced last year in Feburary, will be in future inside 5 years, invest 3 billion pound to England. China for to college town dilate, be the one part of this plan.

China the graduate that aims at world top-ranking university to conceal its to get ready none. We and Cantabrigian university have “ long-term cooperation concerns, the spokesman of this China company expresses ” , this cooperates period it is 5 years.

Actually, it is early by this year March, china when allowing to be not those who accept British media BBC to interview for father, ever expressed, the land that we bought 500 acre in Cambridge recently builds “ smooth chip plant, on smooth chip, we lead a whole world, we build a factory to export a lot of nations to will come namely. ” early predecessor is not also express, england can be bought sooner or later China bed equipment, china invest to still can continue to undertake in England.

Before this China to express, up to by 2017, it already invested 2 billion pound in England (add up to) of 2.34 billion dollar about, the plan is in future throws 3 billion pound again inside 5 years (add up to 3.96 billion dollar about)

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