Buy case another picket, GLAMOX buys next England a famous business takes a company

The intermediary outside occupying reports, a few days ago, GLAMOX bought British LuxonicLighting and its subsidiary, the position that consolidated its are in England.

LuxonicLighting is one of market of British commerce illume well-known trademark, held water 1986, oneself production factory is had in Beixinsituoke.

Since 1967, glamox enters England, and there is oneself subsidiary in England. Buy this strengthened Glamox and Luxonic to be in England the integrated position of illume market, offerred sale and product complementary.

Luxonic is 16.7 million pound in the income 2018 (about 147 million yuan of) . Glamox pays 10.15 million pound to regard LuxonicLighting100% as share with cash and the means that do not have debt head period pay. Inspect a company to was mixed 2019 the outstanding achievement circumstance 2020, what need pays 6.75 million pound is additional gain profit.

RuneE.Marthinussen of Glamox presiding apparitor expresses: “ we feel excited to good luck of this one strategy, this will make we can consolidate we are in England further the positional ” of illume market, “ England market is one of Europe’s biggest illume markets, luxonicLighting is a powerful systematic solution supplier, the service that has Gao Shuiping is made with this locality. ”

NickTavaré of LuxonicLighting general manager expresses: “ we are very glad to become a ” of Glamox group, “ buys a mark this to wear LuxonicLighting the beginning of a new level, from independent company the change after 33 years is the one part of international group. ”

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