AMD 7nm Navi shows calorie of PCB to divulge: The GDDR6 on first time is shown put

Some the PCB that divulged AMD7nmNavi core to show clip graph of circuit board objective, weigh AMD already make known to lower levels order, explain new card had entered phase of put into production apparently, the distance is released closer and closer also. Look from the graph, navi shows card to will use GDDR6 to show put, bosseyed 8, because this capacity or is 8GB, or,be 16GB(former possibility is larger) , this also will be AMD shows calorie of first time to use GDDR6 to show put, still can see a design at the same time circuit of 8 bearings power supply, double 8 needles assist power supply interface.


According to the message before this, navi shows clip show put wide it is 256-bit, the digital) with equivalent frequency very strange 12.8Gbps(, can offer the bandwidth of 410GB/s, exceed GTX1080320GB/s.

Calories of whole power comsumption is occupied weigh 150W, but such word double 8 needles power supply is too beyond the mark.

Can sit completely at present solid is, navi(Cassiopeia) show card to will replace Polaris(Polaris) , high end of and rather than of market of fixed position mainstream has a fever domain (RadeonVII will still be admiral) , will introduce Vega framework to go up shed type to transmit grating implement (DrawStreamBinningRasterizer) , rock-bottom nevertheless framework still be subordinate to belongs to GCN, core frequency about 1.8GHz, the interpose on function between RXVega56, GTX1080.

As to name, if continuance convention will be RX680, but give a name very badly possibly also for RX3080, resemble advocate board the B350 on chip set, B450, X299……

The price, since be mainstream card, too won’t expensive, overwhelm possibly even 259 dollars, GTX1080 can be to want 549 dollars.

Additional, AMDGPULLVM back end appeared the concerned GFX1010(Navi that AMD stores to Git the library is referred identifies code name) code, that is to say AMD is being done to drive code add up to compasses attestation finally, this is the last pace before facing Linux to open source platform consign.

Very apparent, navi shows card to had been in soft hardware two respects be all set, taipei computer is exhibited on release completely possible, or the last ten-day of a month in June.

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