7 accept rice + the 985 quantities that pass 3Q produce EUV edition kylin measure order day, silicon to be taken completely

Hua Weihai thinks of kylin 985 chip predict the 3rd season to roll out, the person that station of base of the 2nd season fastens semiconductor brilliant circle to check trade prepares for war end. Li Jianliang is photographed

Hua Weihai thinks of kylin 985 chip predict the 3rd season to roll out, the person that station of base of the 2nd season fastens semiconductor brilliant circle to check trade prepares for war end. Li Jianliang is photographed

Brilliant circle checks (CP) course of study person confirm, chinese mainland Hua Weihai thinks of the 3rd season to be produced with respect to meeting quantity use a stage to accumulate report 7 accept rice is strengthened edition the kylin that makes Cheng 985 series chip, besides the stage the outstanding achievement that accumulate report is entered outside filling,

Be worth what carry is, pass a Hai Saiceng to consider to whether want to use processor in admiral mobile phone for a time before (AP) also the InFO that follow-up stage accumulates report is advanced enclose, but hinder to think to go out to test procedures together with how at cost, the Duan Feng after 9 series AP measures Sai Qilin of near future sea order, still taste by life light, silicon completely take.

Seal speak bluntly of the person that measure employment, with if the manufacturing schedule such as bougie card is analysed,at present brilliant circle checks interface, in the light of Hai Saiqi Lin the product of 985 has entered design phase, predict rice of the 7 accept end the 2nd season strengthens the brilliant circle of edition to check interface will many shipment, integral chip will prepare to end in the 3rd season.

This also will catch up with China for 9, will call the of short duration of new-style smartphone Mate 30(that come on stage) October, outstanding achievement of the person that will conduce to relevant stage fastening brilliant circle to check interface trade has about exceed amplitude of season of above of double digit per cent at least.

The person that seal the industry that measure era expresses, 985 series enclose kylin use Flip-Chip Package-on-Package(FC-PoP) to make Cheng, life light is cast accuse to be taken, test order form, taste with the silicon below the banner again for brunt, hind paragraph the test also is tasted by silicon obtain next majority, do not pass science and technology of cable of mainland mainland Factory director OSAT criterion eye covetously, estimation eats cent partial finished product to check (FT) order.

Relevant course of study person divulge, in fact, hua Weihai thinks of Ceng Duo second consideration should be striven for use a stage to accumulate report the advanced collocation that make Cheng is advanced if collect shapes,enclose fan goes out enclose (the one continuous line of InFO) serves mode, in order to be on property performance with the apple (Apple)A13(of short duration says) processor competes.

Nevertheless, collect an InFO that accumulate report advanced enclose the AP function that controls Cheng exceedingly good and have frivolous and province area, smallish distinguishing feature, but still also must think cost is taller, much go out to test procedures together, impose fine rate is flabbier may increase cost and quantity to produce the feeling such as the risk surely thing, come out after the sea thinks of a course to try for many times, estimate AP of high-ranking mobile phone this year or won’t undertake enclosing in stage accumulating report, still entrust life light to cast the person that accuse to wait for course of study to hold a knife, the hope finds out sexual price to compare the equilibrium point with competition ability.

Nevertheless, hua Weihai is thought of active promotion still comparatives to abstain partly on this year rate and consolidate semiconductor supplies chain, the market is valued besides stage accumulating light of report, life is cast outside accusing, china essence is measured will be one of main beneficiary beneficiary.

Supply catenary to come out, essence of life measures growing kinetic energy of brunt of outstanding achievement of the 2nd season will be to come from the sea to think of with couplet hair division demand looks add, among them, hai Saizhong rank demand of near future of interface of test of 6 series AP soars, enter the 2nd season below half hind, think of kylin by the sea 9 series receive strong performance.

The market also comes out 985 chip have kylin paratactic stage accumulates opportunity and malic A13 7 accept rice strengthens report edition EUV two big clients, nevertheless, the person that supply chain industry did not confirm, and light of stage accumulating, life is cast accuse, essence of life is measured wait for speech system to all emphasize incorrect supply catenary view and specific client to make public comment.

Seal the person that measure employment to say frankly, began international chip big plant to be able to begin start April in brilliant circle acting project big plant is cast piece, among them, the stage accumulates report Cheng of 7 pay the metric system is really hot, the person that make international trade is striven for produce can the first preferential suitable.

And if jump to make Cheng point of view, pure with chip industry person demand beforehand in light of appraise value, connect high (at present whole looks into Qualcomm) maintain previous level, the sea is thought of, demand of couplet hair division looks add, among them AP of couplet hair division and raise of synchronism of the order that be not AP rise.

Additional, the quantity that the RF chip that malic proper motion designs comes out to apply in new fund AirPods can soar, the person that will become relevant stage to fasten semiconductor industry outstanding achievement of the 2nd season one large window, because AirPods is opened successfully really wireless blue tooth earphone (TWS) market, the market besides value malic RF chip to supply catenary outstanding achievement to add continuously lukewarm, also reckon TWS of a group of people of same interest that be not Ping uses nature of RF chip demand also will in succession change goes, be helpful for essence of life measuring, flourishing silicon, exceed light of abundant, life to cast accuse, luck sunlights carry of battalion of the person that wait for course of study.

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