ZhongGuanCun: Income of integrated circuit design takes the throughout the country 1/3

On March 25, zhongGuanCun is in charge of appoint conference chairman Di Lixin expresses, the hi-tech industry gross earnings such as ZhongGuanCun artificial intelligence, integrated circuit exceeds 4 trillion yuan, hold proportion of demonstrative division gross earnings 7 into above, gain fast stability, formed be made with health of IT of artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, new generation, biology, intelligence and the burgeoning industry group that new material is a delegate.

Current, dimensions of industry of IT of ZhongGuanCun new generation exceeds 2 trillion yuan, market of safety of big data, information is had rate rank home the first, income of integrated circuit design takes the throughout the country about 1/3.

ZhongGuanCun: Income of integrated circuit design takes the throughout the country 1/3

In crucial technology domain, zhongGuanCun achieved breakthrough of a batch of keys. Couplet millions of people develops the nation successfully 5G millimeter wave is single piece reach functional module, become resurgence and China the domestic sole supplier to the product is put in 5GGaN result. The Big Dipper is connected release system of satellite of navigation of whole world of first 28 accept rice spectrum of dot of quanta of own research and development expresses field of vision of core of; of the smallest chip feeling technology, nod quanta material and into be united in wedlock like sensitive component photograph, the electron of liquid state metal that the Chinese ink that turns; dream in the sensor that spectrometer realized for the first time inside global limits develops adds material to make a technology is domestic and international initiate change sexual electron makes a technology, took the lead in realizing 3D of liquid state metal to print (add material to make) technical industrialization. Beijing east development goes 5 inches active report sends quanta to nod glow to show a product (AMQLED) , implementation quanta nods 0 breakthroughs of initiative smooth indication home.

In addition, municipal government of Beijing municipal Party committee will drive high quality to develop executive plan at coming on stage recently. Beijing development carries out the 10 high-grade industry such as new generation IT to develop directive opinion, made Internet of car of couplet of network of health of 5G, artificial intelligence, medicine, intelligence, industry wait for an industry to expand the operation plan and plan, industry of each area dominant mixes the elaborate plan of; of double kinetic energy that forms development of innovation of new generation IT and medical health industry hard to foster industrial orientation mainly, guide focusing of each area, each garden area advocate course of study, poor dissimilation develops.

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