Ying Feiling rolls out solution of 1000 A manostat AI of generation of applicable Wu Xin and 5G network application

Augment of Ying Feiling science and technology its are tall solution product sets group of voltaic system chip, roll out industry XDPE132G5C of polyphase controller of first 16 digital PWM, for high-ranking artificial intelligence (AI) servo implement the new generation CPU that applies with 5G data news report, GPU, FPGA and ASIC provide the 500 electricity to 1000 A above.

XDPE132G5C uses the QFN with sutural 7 Mm X 7 Mm 56 to enclose, can accommodate 16 phasic.

New generation AI and network work load push the requirement that raised pair of CPU electric current, DC-DC manostat (the electricity that VR) must provide prep above 500 A for load. XDPE132G5C controller has engine of true 16 digital PWM and improved advanced transient to perform algorithm, can accord with demand of these tall photograph digit. In true and phasic between share load current to be able to realize reliable, small size and the design of economic cost. In addition, also do not need additional the logic that increases market of digit of nowadays tall photograph to be used extensively doubly implement IC.

The advanced ASIC in communication system and FPGA need every rank the Vout control that is less than 1 MV. XDPE132G5C has same function, can provide the Vout set with 0.625 MV increment. In addition, this product boosts the automatic and new starting requirement of communication market, the person that use can choose to be when electric power or systematic breakdown, reduce far end the maintenance of the platform works.

XDPE132G5C uses the QFN with sutural 7 Mm X 7 Mm 56 to enclose, can accommodate 16 phasic. It uses line of load of completely digital programmable to be allowed at PMBus 1.3/AVS, can provide the telemetering function of complete set. Industry of XDPE132G5C controller collocation comes loose the flu of integrated form report with highest thermal efficiency measures power level TDA21475, can provide the electricity that exceeds 1000 A effectively.

The TDA21475 power level of rated 70 A uses 5 Mm X 6 Mm to enclose, offer banner industry prep above the efficiency of 95% .

Appearing coping can shape Rth(j-top) from bag Fu 19 what enclose. C/W is reduced considerably to 1.6. C/W. Can move effectively so except the heat energy that encloses coping, bring exceedingly good VR power density to reach most the VR photograph digit of Zhui and dimension. For farther the ability CPU/ASIC is the greatest change, TDA21475 also offers wisdom to cross electric current and overvoltage protection, provide accurate temperature and voltaic information for XDPE132G5C controller.

In addition, IR35223 – true the group of chip of tall electric current that digital controller of 10 photographs PWM invites Ying Feiling solution more hasten is complete, for the VR that demand is as high as 500 A the solution offers the alternative that has cost effectiveness. IR35223 uses the 48 sutural QFN of 6 Mm X 6 Mm to enclose, provide advanced transient efficiency and the telemetering function that include look look to be discharged at PMBus 1.3/AVS converge.

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