Trend, innovation, transmission, win-win, dried food and nuts of forum of media of ICT of electron of the 8th China is full

Semiconductor industry all the time since distinguish at other industry, as science and technology industry, besides capital drive, of the technology accumulating the cycle with the product also is impassable. The constant change of the product, technical development innovates, make semiconductor market change with each passing day. To discuss the new heat of semiconductor jointly, the reporter came by dispatch of EEVIA(Yi Wei) sponsorred “ —— of forum of media of ICT of electron of China of the 8th year and 2019 industries and technology look into seminar ” . This media forum has nearly 50 industries of senior media and 100 professional engineers attend, the semiconductor company staff such as grand force plays and more Ying Feiling, Aimaisi, Sailingsai, ADI, He Huahong publishs a theme to make a speech, be the same as personnel attending the meeting to undertake be discussinged deep with respect to the domain such as radar of technology of power source management, storage, millimeter wave.

The applied setting of TOF sensor

Area of big China of source control of Ying Feiling report and ministry of diversity market facilities -- radio frequency and pass Mai Zhengji of feeling department inspector general

Radio frequency of —— of area of big China of source control of Ying Feiling report and ministry of diversity market facilities and pass wheat of feeling department inspector general to surprising

Fly in 3D time range finding (Time-of-Flight, during ToF) is about to become next generation face ministries to identify new technology, german semiconductor is big factory Ying Feiling (Infineon) rolled out the 4th generation that designs for place of 3D ToF demand only ─ of ─ of chip of REAL3 image sensor IRS2771C, this year world mobile congress (on MWC 2019) , LG G8 ThinQ of LG new machine used Ying Feiling to be based on the REAL3 image sensor of ToF technology, the buy before be being brought for LG G8 ThinQ photographs the deepness that resembles a head to feel ability, and support the mobile phone of high safety pay identify attestation, in order to satisfy market of unit of consumptive sex act.

Radio frequency of area of big China of management of this power source of second forum Ying Feiling and ministry of diversity market facilities and pass wheat of feeling department inspector general to surprising to also introduce REAL3TM image sensor mainly.


REAL3TM image sensor of Ying Feiling is on lead position in many markets, it optimized CMOS technology, the REAL3TM image sensor that can realize power comsumption of best function, lowest and inferior cost knead dough to apply to industry and shift already threw a quantity to produce, the REAL3TM image sensor that faces car application still also is among research and development.

Ying Feiling expresses, chip of sensor of image of the 4th acting REAL3 is provide the demand with high video resolution with small-sized camera lens and design, applied range is wide. Among them, include to differentiate with facial ministry or gesticulation in order to control uncoupling rigging, affirm disbursement safe test and verify. In addition, 3D ToF chip also can realize VR, image to be out of shape with take a picture equivalent fruit, also can use at condition of scanning room core.

Finally, mr Mai Zhengji introduced the cooperative mode of Ying Feiling and Pmd: Ying Feiling basically is in charge of semiconductor technology research and development, product research and development and generation;pmd basically be in charge of ToF resembling element and ToF system (3D photographs referenced like the head design) research and development. Current, both sides already rolled out sensor of image of ToF of series of much money REAL3 hand in hand, among them devoted quantity produces the 3rd acting product, the 4th acting product just was released in Feburary this year.

Model of sensor of image of the 4th acting REAL3 is new fund IRS2771C, chip area is 4.6mm X 5mm only, offer 150k(448 X 336) to resemble element output, be close to the resolution of HVGA level, relatively the most ToF solution tower above on market is fourfold.

Aimaisi semiconductor innovates continuously, answer the smartphone market of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye neatly

Whole world of ministry of career of sensor of Ams advanced optics carries out vice-president Jennifer Zhao

Whole world of ministry of career of sensor of Ams advanced optics carries out vice-president Jennifer Zhao

Aimaisi (AMS) all the time since deep ploughing Yu Chuangan technology, company motto also is: Pass feeling live namely (Sensing Is Life) . So the smartphone domain that faces ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, how should the sensor of AMS change again upgrade, jennifer Zhao of executive vice-president of whole world of ministry of career of sensor of Ams advanced optics gives out in the speech the answer.

All the time since AMS basically devotes oneself to optical, image and frequency sensor this 3 big sensor. “ we are the IC that have sensor not only, still have sensor interface, algorithm and software, we the client that the solution that present target is a whole sensor offers us. Our market is very vast, have consumptive electron industry, also have industry, car and medical treatment market. ”

Jennifer Zhao introduced a smartphone trend of 3 big main trends:

(1) before face of person of ——3D of trend of buy function design identifies: Identity test and verify, safe, pay;

(2) casing of immensity of comprehensive screen —— : Design and plane show, brightness of condition of OLED screen runner band measures;

(3) photography increases: Laser detects be opposite automatically anxious, enhance reality (AR) , automatic Bai Pingheng, illuminant twinkles detect.

The among them 3D that is AMS mainly passes feeling system, AMS offers important module and program for 3D system. We have “3D this side a lot of products go supporting, from VCSEL, resemble floodlighting, the plan of additional explicit 3D, have 3 big plan in the market now, it is light of active and flight time, stereo vision, structure, we have 3 big plan different solution gives a client. ”

Typical 3D passes feeling system

Ams is in at present the respect of 3D vision technology of 3 coexistence all gained a success. And its application is very wide also, can go to the lavatory already the control of daily mobile terminal, also be the fundamental condition that drives automation of intelligent household, industry, automatically.

Then, jennifer Zhao is communicative the development trend that Quan Bing shows, mainstream screen is occupied than exceeding 95% . Accordingly, the screen of nearly 100% takes the demand that issues yuan of parts of an apparatus to OLED(or BOLED) screen than was being driven. Ams just meets meantime ground rolled out TCS3701, this is light of a kind of RGB sensor and infra-red and adjacent sensor IC, can measure intensity of the ambient light after OLED screen accurately. This function caters to the industry nowadays to design a trend, pass frame of the buy before eliminating to come the biggest the active area that turns a smartphone, and before buy frame is ambient light normally / the position that is close to sensor place.

In present smartphone market, afterwards is various after the contend of screen, photography photographs the ground that resembles can saying the military strategist in ancient China that is now is contended for surely, AMS also brought photography to enhance the technology of the respect. Released one dimension (sensor of 1D)ToF range finding: TMF8801, supportive implementation photographs the laser that resembles a head to detect be opposite automatically anxious, also enhance actual ” to offer true distance anchorage point for “ . The check range finding of sensor of range finding of this 1D ToF leaves can amount to 2.5 meters, can fight the bilge on cover board glass, fight sun’s rays, and enclose dimension cabinet, it is 2.2mm X 3.6mm X 1mm only.

Of AMS colour temperature sensor is offerred in all illuminant setting accurate colour temperature, optical sensor can measure ambient light accurately, raise the authenticity of image, the better with facilitating stability that realizes automatic Bai Pingheng and accuracy.

FPGA —— quickens engine of calculative of artificial intelligence brim

Contest of Liu of chief inspector of market of AI of Sai Lingsai company is beautiful

Contest of Liu of chief inspector of market of AI of Sai Lingsai company is beautiful

As the development of computer hardware technology, AI also has been one of popular vocabularies of semiconductor industry, artificial intelligence has studied from theory the trend applies be born, formed giant technical industry. But, AI how Where is be born?

“AI is final it is the computation that be done by all need, need actually the computational ability on the computational ability that makes Wu of kimono of the understanding, equipment that makes perception, setting offer this locality and cloud, it is endowed with can is not certain the application of specific industry stricture, the industry that can promote numerous trade however upgrades, product iteration. Show of contest of Liu of chief inspector of market of AI of company of ” Sai Lingsai expresses.

Mr Liu Jingxiu thinks to have set back of two price scissors the fall to the ground that this time chooses artificial intelligence. The price scissors between the data that the first price scissors is need processing and the processing capability that computational chip can provide quite. “ chip develops FPGA, ASIC from CPU, GPU, will tell to general chip, to a few specific setting and application, the sexual price of ASIC is higher than the likelihood, the tendency that so the technology develops is certainly arrive from CPU, GPU FPGA, arrive finally ASIC. Have a very important time window in the market so, it is every industry before demand is mature, in everybody capable, confidence goes ASIC earns this money before coming back, everybody won’t go ASIC, and the market that needs a platform to become initial stage again at that time tries or turn originality into reality quickly in intense market competition, gain the market first machine, at that time FPGA is best computational platform product. ”


The difference between the market demand of the long cycle that the 2nd price scissors is chip design production and fast iteration. The market that is rapid change, fast iteration and ASIC development cycle are endless the difference between, this also is the 2nd main reason.

The Versal computation engine that Liu Jingxiu also introduced the generation below Sailingsai, it is to face communication and artificial intelligence above all high-powered setting, use 3D technology to offer high-powered tall bandwidth memory, provide computational ability and memory capability, function of hard nucleus processor makes full use of in the meantime, support the fast operation of AI setting. Liu Jingxiu expresses, it is not difficult to do chip itself do chip itself, but rise to help a client use, catenary of environment of the software of need, zoology, tool, all sorts of reference application, these need spend longer time, more resource just need a client to use the product the most crucial most the element of core. So contest spirit is thought of besides the product that offers a complete set of, still provide the support of disparate arrangement of ideas for the client, from rock-bottom hardware, intermediate various IP and software, use a various nerve network models, can offer a client, combine Sailingsai’s traditional development software, use the tool with the corresponding AI of these a complete set of, OK the deploy of apace implementation product.

March toward industrial 4.0—— to come true quickly faster, more intelligence, safer industrial automation program

Yu Changtao of manager of department of market of industry of automation of industry of region of ADI company Asia-Pacific

Yu Changtao of manager of department of market of industry of automation of industry of region of ADI company Asia-Pacific

Industry the 4 popular vocabularies that also are semiconductor industry likewise, yu Changtao of manager of department of market of industry of automation of industry of region of ADI company Asia-Pacific thinks, industry is very the 4 promotion that can bring manufacturing efficiency, promotion of safety performance, giant and more and more powerful data analyses ability, and the flexibility that whole production brings. But at the same time industry 4 also brought worry of a lot of misgive: Industry 4 how be born, when be born.

At Chang Tao the dot understands industry the typical predicament of 4:

1, the method of 4 mixes implementation industry schedule is ambiguous

2, a lot of business base ingredients that producing effect bring uncertainty

3, cannot undertake antiquated invests the likelihood

4, if the client did not get ready, you also cannot go too quickly

5, but forerunner can have huge advantage

To above predicament, yu Changtao offerred 4 radical solutions: 1, solve systematic level challenge and cost limitation;2, course to check beforehand, accelerate a product to appear on the market time;3, beforehand the solution of attestation, prop up the;4 of main join agreement, design according to you resource and demand body are custom-built. To this, yu Changtao explains for key of model for painting with this how ADI faces dilemma. ADI notes overweight each application of big setting, health is monitored, industrial control system, high in the clouds is waited a moment.

Industry 4

Quicken equipment health to monitor an aspect, yu Changtao introduced sensor of advanced MEMS vibration and relevant technology union above all, industry 4 present implementation forms are the monitoring that is based on a condition. Accurate, real time machine health is monitored can decrease greatly machine down time and maintain cost. “ uses MEMS technology, the machine is healthy data general by translate into real time, exercisable has an insight into in order to prevents to interrupt, rise security and reduce cost. ” Yu Changtao expresses, the product of accelerometer of industrial level MEMS of “ADI, function outstanding, range of products is stable and complete, reliable. Contrast presses sensor of electric pottery and porcelain traditionally, there is outstanding poor dissimilation in the respect such as DC character, Wen Piao, cost. ”

Mr Yu Changtao still put forward to make the industrial aether net that faces future, quicken the brim to the join “ of high in the clouds everybody can imagine, a single hardware platform, through call or writing software kind of the part, you can implement agreement of different industrial aether net directly. ” props up different consultative inn through Fido series chip (agreements of all sorts of net of main industry aether that include EtherCAT inside) , the standard of disparate industry Internet. At the same time the product of Fido series also can face the standard of next generation industry Internet, slowly from a variety of standards to TSN(time sensitive network) in close narrow, raise bandwidth further, solve the very pressing delay time issue in industry and first step problem. Yu Changtao expresses, ADI is in next the product develops a plan, can make the chip of the network of the TSN that supports 1G network, also incorporate the chip of Fido, will help the TSN network that realizes 1GHz.

In addition, the respect is commanded in motion, handle ADSP-CM40x to be the new generation plan of platform from Fido5000 of station ASIC chip and high-powered ARM with ADI EtherCAT, the high-powered carry that is a client controls a system, offerred the solution of net of aether of real time industry.

How does SPI NOR Flash answer the trend of high-powered application domain and demand

Ministry of facilities of storage of million easy innovation is senior Chen Hui of product chief inspector

Ministry of facilities of storage of million easy innovation is senior Chen Hui of product chief inspector

Million easy innovation since since holding water in April 2005, had occupied global Flash territory the market share of 8% , the platoon is ranked in the whole world the 5th, at the same time million easy innovation also is the supplier of the 3rd big SPI NOR Flash of world, volume of accumulative total shipment achieved 10 billion.

Of this second give a lecture is ministry of facilities of storage of million easy innovation Chen Hui of senior product chief inspector, he introduced range of products of high speed SPI NOR Flash above all.

Million easy innovation includes GD25LT series and GD25X series in the product of this respect, GD25LT series is having 200MHz interface of 4 passageways DTR, with the XSPI standard that has 4 passageways to dictate compatible;GD25X series accords with JEDEC, highest can reach 400M/s data handling capacity.

Electronic application develops at full speed, to satisfy the requirement of rising market, million easy innovation was rolled out brand-new generation exceeds level of interface of high speed SPI. In semiconductor chip make above, basically divide kinds big, one is to make Cheng logically, one is Flash makes Cheng, and Flash makes Cheng basically prep above logic makes Cheng. 2000, SPI interface still is simple only channel, handling capacity is 2.5M/s, to today SPI interface has reached 8 channels, 200MHz, handling capacity achieves 400M/s, its speed it may be said is flying, say so for XSPI standard. And to satisfy the requirement of all sorts of respects, million easy innovation still rolled out 4 passageways SPI to take DTR, 200MHz, take in and send out in large quantities rate can achieve 200M/S.

Besides the ceaseless promotion on function, the high speed SPI Flash with easy million still is having a lot of advantage, its instruction agreement is simple, volume is very minor also, get used to the requirement of equipment of Yu Xinxing electron to bulk.

Chen Hui is returned exemple lifted all sorts of application setting, the image data need that memory of Che Zaifang face is inside SPI Flash arrives in the Download inside the shortest time inside DRAM, finish screen to show, can shorten greatly so read take time, the car that finish starts the work. In high-powered AI respect, AI operation needs to call memory often to reach a database at the algorithm inside Flash, those who raise the ability of data handling capacity of Flash interface to assure AI operation is fast, efficient. In IoT respect, because get systematic cost and the limitation that devise measure, can be reduced normally or DRAM of place to go, advocate chip need runs systematic code directly from Flash.

Engineering technology of characteristic of semiconductor of power of China of times of ” of core of electric car “ makes progress

Hua Hong grand force strategy, market and Li Jian of development department section chief

Hua Hong grand force strategy, market and Li Jian of development department section chief

Grand force strategy, market and Li Jian of development department section chief take Hua Hong above all the progress that everybody reviewed global semiconductor, and sum up the economic progress of the development of path semiconductor industry and whole world cannot leave.

Electronic-controlled the car regards current development as flying one big industry, also drove the development of semiconductor greatly. This development is many sided, include the electric system of car itself, spare parts market and form a complete set use electric device. Exterior pass sense respect to drive automatically processor, ADAS system, the produce and sale of immanent IGBT, MOSFET promotes substantially.

And dynamoelectric change a car to promote greatly in the demand on power parts of an apparatus, it is with IGBT exemple, every months of demand is more than the 1/3 that motor-car of nowadays home report takes global market IGBT of 100 thousand step of plan of 8 inches of cars brilliant is round.

And with respect to power parts of an apparatus, li Jian is main focusing 4 kinds of component: Trench Mos/SGT, MOSFET exceeding a written guarantee, IGBT, GaN/SiC. He introduced the technology of MOSFET respect mainly, silicon radical MOSFET is a foundation, and MOSFET(DT-SJ) exceeding a written guarantee is firm rock in midstream. MOSFET exceeding a written guarantee is the most remarkable the feature can be reduced substantially for P column structure guide electrify block. And the diverse demand to satisfy a client, win a client with character, grand force still has Hua Hong custom-built the MOSFET that change,

Hua Hong grand force is having driving actual strength in brilliant round respect, for example ultrathin brilliant circle is machined, the fragment of grand force leads Hua Hong under 0.1% , splash in high-powered the reverse side shoot technical respect point-device also.

Mr Li Jian also explained broad forbidden band in detail. In respect of broad forbidden band, the vacuum is giant GaN and SiC go up a detail, but dependability still needs observation, li Jian still undertook GaN and SiC contrast, the market uses a field, siC requirement is very specific, market application and IGBT height are shirt-sleeve, applied setting is clear. And GaN belongs to innovation V-neck region, setting of Wireless Charge, Lidar application still puts variable. In technical maturity respect, siC technology is mature already, and GaN here, sic radical GaN is relatively mature (cost tall) , si radical GaN still immature. Sexual price compares a respect, siC measures postpartum hopeful to help low cost quickly, and GaN still remains to observe, if new application cannot erupt as scheduled,grow, criterion cost drops quickly all up. In compatibility respect, siC is difficult compatible, and GaN but compatible Si base GaN.

Finally, li Jian makes clear Hua Hong strategy of grand power monolith still is the road that holds to characteristic craft, hold to the strategic layout of “8+12” namely. 8 inches strategy fixed position is “ the wide ” that accumulate grain, the key is ” is accumulated in “ on this word. It is characteristic engineering technology is accumulated, of the friendly feelings that also is strategic client collaboration accumulate, also be capital at the same time accumulate. And these accumulating also made Hua Hong grand power position 12 inches. 12 inches strategy fixed position is ” of wall of “ Gao Zhu, the key is to be on word of “ tall ” . Grand force will pass Hua Hong 12 inches of advanced techniques, outspread advantage of craft of 8 inches of characteristic, widen moat, raise technical barrier, pull open the difference with back competitor.

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