The switch of suddenly Er effect that has function of compositive type self check and lock put IC to be able to enhance the security of ADAS

New product and original suddenly Er sensor cite a base compatible, can replace easily upgrade

City of Er of assorted of cloth of American new rarely is Mancunian – abbreviation Allegro) announces under the Allegro MicroSystems(of global lead firm of power parts of an apparatus and sensor technology, in the needs safe function system solution that expanding ceaselessly add APS11450 of range of products of sensor of effect of two Huo Er and APS12450 newly, among them APS11450 is combination of product of IC of sheet pole switch, and APS12450 series is product of ambipolar Suo Cunqi. These new products and switch of existing effect of 3 lines suddenly Er and Suo Cunqi IC cite a base compatible, can replace easily upgrade, accord with ISO 26262: 2011 standards, have ASIL-B form function (wait for evaluate) .

New issuance magnetism sensor has compositive self check function, maintain tiring-room to move from beginning to end when the system works, need very brief stoppage to detect only thereby time. This process is undertake automatically, the time that the test executes is very fast (typical cost is 25μs) , can be opposite lead plane system is completely transparent, the Suo Cunqi that although be opposite,uses in high speed electric machinery and coder also is such. The state that distinctive voltage mode output can deliver sensor (include safe condition) , maintain at the same time backward circuit of interface of compatible and logistic n, application, wiring and firmware.

The switch of suddenly Er effect that has function of compositive type self check and lock put IC to be able to enhance the security of ADAS

Jim Judkins of chief inspector of IC product line explains sensor of Allegro number position: The challenge that we face “ is the safe level that the ADAS system that makes have and did not come reachs a requirement, at the same time backward compatible we already the billions of Huo Er switch of shipment and Suo Cunqi. Accordingly, allegro development goes what can be used at magnetic switch and Suo Cunqi the fastest diagnostic technology, and can deliver sensor state, support wiring open a way / the logistic and compatible output that short circuit detects. ”

APS11450 and APS12450 use are very extensive, the original intention that its design is the performance that improves all sorts of car application and intelligent campaign system, ideal is applied to advanced drive support system (Zhang Jin of electric machinery of ADAS) and car window elevator, seat, safety belt implement and close systematic coder. These IC still apply to interface of cross-country traffic, heavy equipment, man-machine (HMI) and tip lorry (banking angle) sensor and two rounds of bracket in car (the application such as Kickstands) and driver control.

APS11450 and APS12450 can achieve the requirement of above of level of AEC-Q100 0 grade, they are according to ISO26262 the standard is developed, can support ASIL-B function (wait for evaluate) hardware security parts of an apparatus, because this applies to automobile security system completely, compositive safe function also is beneficial to other and safe system. Parts of an apparatus of use APS11450/12450 series, need not redundant sensor can achieve ASIL-B(or taller) rating, can realize bulk thereby the systematic design with smaller, power comsumption and lower cost.

APS11450/12450 series parts of an apparatus has two kinds to enclose, its magnetism character and sensor of original Huo Er special match, make its very agile and design easily. These sheet piece IC can be below voltage of 3.3 ~ 24V the job, ability accepts the form that is as high as 175 ℃ lukewarm, can bear at the same time be as high as + the input voltage of 35V, retrorse batteries (- short circuit of 30V) , output, laden light (Load-dump) and other control transient state too. The miniature LH of Allegro is enclosed for SOT-23W model, apply to the surface to stick outfit;UA model it is a kind 3 bring foot, only kind to insert type to enclose continuously (SIP) , apply to via installation. Two kinds are enclosed all do not contain lead, the casing that cite a base uses 100% mist stannum to eletroplate.

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