SamSung DRAM of 10 accept rice is imperfect, yamaxun turns odd SK Hailishi

Exploded a few days ago the server DRAM that gives SamSung to give Yamaxun for goods appears flaw, the intermediary that occupy Han ” Etnews ” report, yamaxun replaces a product to search, begin to change SK sea to the force person DRAM that order, the outside also begins to pay close attention to incident of SamSung DRAM flaw to whether can be SK Hailishi brings indirect profit.

Float of incident of flaw of DRAM of electron of 30 days of SamSung appears on the stage last month face, the 10 accept rice that SamSung electron gives Yamaxun for goods (1xnm) server uses flaw of DRAM occurrence part, to this Yamaxun to SamSung electron claim for compensation. But SamSung electron rejects to affirm whether to have Yamaxun be related of claim for compensation. Rejecting argument is, be based on confidential principle, cannot answer the question related the client.


Yamaxun is the company of electronic business affairs with the biggest whole world, have the high in the clouds with the greatest whole world to serve an industry ” operation of high in the clouds serves Yamaxun (AWS) ” . Notable is, these services need to have large-scale data center, and the server that data center has DRAM of many installation high capacity, memory. This also is Yamaxun is known as in memory semiconductor market ” buy the home greatly ” reason, also let the outside take character of this SamSung DRAM seriously to give the follow-up progress of the bag.

” Etnews ” point out in report, industry is relevant although the high level does not wish to disclose specific dimensions, but express to this: ” Yamaxun the amount that to SK Hailishi asked to be able to replace SamSung electron DRAM, but order is not large. ” the DRAM amount scale of occurrence flaw is not large, add Yamaxun to also be had quite memory stock of the amount, because this outside thinks generally, this second event is not big to impact of relevant enterprise, market, but because the whole world is the greatest,the product of electron of DRAM manufacturer SamSung appears character issue, also bring an influence to main client company, may affect the reliable figure that SamSung manages for years.

In the meantime, yamaxun is likely because of this, readjust the memory amount that to SamSung electron, SK Hailishi buys. The personage points out related another industry, yamaxun may use SamSung electron and SK Hailishi’s competition, borrow this to reduce buy the price.

As semiconductor subtle change, technical difficulty rises, also begin the flaw problem of DRAM of exposed to the open air, electron of SamSung of the 2nd season ever also encountered the problem of inferior quality of DRAM of class of 10 accept rice last year.

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