Prevent a SamSung? The stage accumulates report to announce to roll out technology of Cheng of 6 pay the metric system

The whole world production company stage accumulates circle of two big brilliant report, SamSung is prevenient compete for into the technology that make Cheng turn hasten is intense. Afterwards SamSung throws a 5 offer 16 days rice pole ultraviolet light (EUV) makes Cheng develop a success, pass produce the amount 6 accept rice this year, dusk of stage accumulating report also announces to roll out 6 accept rice (N6) makes Cheng technology, predict the 1st season was entered 2020 try produce.



The stage accumulates ammeter to show, n6 makes Cheng technology will considerably aggrandizement precedes at present the 7 accept rice of industry (N7) technology, assist a client to gain advantage of high competition ability between efficiency and cost, borrow at the same time achieve the goal that quickens a product to appear on the market by the direct jib that N7 technology designs.

The stage accumulates business to develop Zhang Xiaojiang of vise general manager to express, n6 technology will continue further than current N7

Lead position, offer the client’s taller efficiency and cost effectiveness. This makes the aggrandizement of Cheng technology, build the base that accumulates report to succeed extensively in technology of 7 accept rice at the stage over, ” we have hope greatly, the client can borrow design ecosystem completely by nowadays, rapid from now on higher product value is gotten in new technology ” .

Stage accumulating report explains further, borrow by try the edition of powerful effect of 7 accept rice in producing at present (N7+) is used extremely ultraviolet light (the new capacity that place of technology of EUV) small film acquires, density of N6 technology logic relatively N7 technology increases 18%; and the designs law and company to pass test N7 technology of N6 technology is completely compatible, the design ecosystem that makes 7 accept rice complete can by reuse. Accordingly, n6 offers a client one has fast design cycle and need those who use very finite project resource to not have only seam upgrade method, assist a client to use this brand-new technology to reach the beneficial result of the product.

The stage accumulates report to point out, n6 technology predicts 2020 the 1st season is entered try produce, offer client more to have the advantage of cost effectiveness, and continue 7 accept rice is familial the lead position on power comsumption and efficiency, support the product application of diversification, application of sex of mobile product, consumption, artificial intelligence, net is carried to connect in including high end to arrive, processor of 5G foundation framework, plot, and tall efficiency operation.

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