Power fill Mobile360 intelligence to drive development platform shipment goes strong

IC designs intelligence of industry of factory power Cheng Jinjun to drive automatically the domain passes news of victory again, infiltrate successfully of small lion science and technology drive oneself deserve to send a car the system, had begun a quantity to produce shipment at present. Supply catenary to divulge, power fill drive systematic platform to already sent sample to hand of other new client now oneself, hopeful came out 2019 good news, drive platform shipment oneself organic meeting is further upward.

Power fill

New energy resources of the 9th China International and intelligent car forum just to rang down the curtain a few days ago, power fill in exhibit in the meeting together science and technology of partner small lion, exhibit together with power fill Mobile360 series intelligence to drive the 10th acting “ that development platform makes is small lion date ” , spot power is filled besides show the gain with small lion science and technology besides, more return at the same time beautiful three-in-one of a logger of drive a vehicle of double camera lens, Mobile360 drives automatically support system. Power fill express, mobile360 intelligence drives development platform is with high-powered artificial intelligence (AI) chip is operation core, include car compasses form those who perform law, software and photography camera lens is hardware, all-around development platform.

Supply catenary to point out, power fill already took order form of next small lion science and technology, begin shipment at the near future, and already began to send appearance to give mobile phone of other chinese mainland the plant, in fact, power flourishing Mobile360 intelligence drives development platform applies already extensively in the whole world the domain such as famous bus, cab, content shedding, special vehicle. With fair car citing, power fill ever released message to point out external, had passed through drive oneself platform takes next favour gallop of the car nobody drive company order, show shipment gain stage by stage.

In addition, power fill marched 2018 since AI market, the network of couplet of intelligent other people that extends AI to link content couplet network ceaselessly (AIoT) product line, achievement is beginning to emerge, power fill besides the big client order form such as next medical treatment, recreation and traffic is taken in Taiwan besides, also be expected to began to reap gain 2019 in chinese mainland.

Power how does because combine person face and plate to identify a system,network of flourishing couplet of business other people accuse platform, comparative in the mainland welcome, future is expected to enlarge application wait for company territory in building and parking lot, as to in consumer goods line, power Cheng Zesuo decides market of content couplet net.

Power fill announcement before 2019 two months battalion closes amount to money of 756 million yuan of new stations, year amplitude 18.9% . Industry points out, power fill be in before embedded the layout of content couplet net already began to reap, beforehand battalion received estimate 2019 will be expected to appear chase season growing posture, gain profit to also behaved apparent excel 2018.

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