Plan of chip of radar of 77GHz millimeter wave is compared greatly go all out, which plan has a hotspot most?

Release according to Yole near future ” car radar technology – 2018 edition ” report, although 2017~2022 year year of sale of global car add fast slow (make an appointment with 3%) , but year of sale of group of model of predicting car radar will be flying growth (it is 25%) about, year of sale of radar chip is similar also, add fast achieve 22% .

Because plan of radar of 77GHz millimeter wave can be done smallier than 24GHz radar plan, had made a car forward the mainstream choice of exploration radar, permeate to industry and infrastructure application market gradually, at present mainstream supplier is TI and NXP, chinese native land manufacturer microelectronics rolled out Jiatelan ALPS SoC of chip of radar of millimeter wave of new generation 77GHz, manufacturer of China and foreign countries undertakes athletics in this mainstream market, small write the program of chip of radar of 77GHz millimeter wave that trims mainstream firm hand-in-hand travel performance is comparative.

TI AWR1642

Sensor of millimeter wave of TI AWR series basically is aimed at car market, have 3 products, it is respectively: AWR1243, AWR1443, AWR1642. TI had made the combination of product of sensor of 77GHz millimeter wave that highest feeling measures precision and the smallest size inside course of study, the delegate is mixed with respect to AWR1642 IWR1642 millimeter wave (MmWave) sensor.

One, AWR1243 is only compositive RF radio frequency, basically use in implementation to grow Cheng radar, applied setting includes: The car is urgent apply the brake, get used to cruise control and freeway height to drive automatically oneself.

2, AWR1443 is compositive RF and MCU, basically use at coming true to be close to feeling measure, the member that include to multiply detects, the gesticulation inside automobile body sensor, cab identifies, and driver monitoring.

3, AWR1642 is compositive RF, MCU and DSP, basically use at coming true to exceed short with radar of short distance nicety, applied setting includes: Scotoma detects, prevent rear collision / warning, driveway changes auxiliary, pedestrian / the bicycle detects, prevent 360 degrees of alarm of traffic of collision, crossing, perspectives, jockey auxiliary.


TI AWR1642


AWR1642 main advantage

In June 2018, , company of apparatus of American heart state (TI) announces to will begin a quantity to produce its to exceed broadband AWR1642 and IWR1642 millimeter wave compositively highly now (MmWave) sensor.

This kind of sensor is supportable 76 to 81 GHz frequency, and can be offerred 3 times taller than competitor pass accurately feeling and have the least use space.

Current, this chip is used at car and industrial application respectively, include car to take up detect, of building amount computation, machine and person wait a moment interactively. Use the car of this sensor to sail at going up in the road by 2018 first. Besides advanced drive besides support system, the AWR1642 sensor that the engineer still uses classics attestation to be able to be used at the car will measure the surplus space all round door and automobile body and fraise, car bear the weight of circumstance, inbreak alarm and more the automatic berth vehicle that intelligence converts.



Graph: The millimeter wave sensor of TI can detect two passengers that take in backlash.



Graph: The millimeter wave sensor of TI can detect the person that the likelihood with rear car inbreaks

Besides offer the publishs a quantity exclusively to produce CMOS sheet inside course of study besides chip sensor, TI still offerred general software development tool to wrap (SDK) and design resource will help shorten research and development is periodic. For example, detect in use AWR1642 sensor respect of the number inside the car, the car carries strength condition to detect referenced design provided systematic level introduction and software application example. Application includes to grow Cheng, short distance and intermediate range radar, can help a car become more intelligence is safe. The author just goes the website of TI inquires, AWR1642 is in in offerring money continuously.



Graph: AWR1642 uses a figure

TI AWR1642 function and the craft that make Cheng

AWR1642 parts of an apparatus is one can be in 76 to the compositive type sheet that runs in 81GHz frequency band sensor of chip FMCW radar. This parts of an apparatus uses the craft of 45nm RFCMOS of low power comsumption of TI to undertake compose is built, in and be in be being enclosed dinkily, came true unprecedented compositive degree. AWR1642 is the low power comsumption in applying to car domain, from the monitoring, good solution that exceeds accurate radar system.

AWR1642 parts of an apparatus is one kind includes solution of odd chip of FMCW radar sensor oneself, can simplify 76 to 81GHz frequency band medium car radar sensor is carried out. Its compose is built on the craft of 45nm RFCMOS of low power comsumption of TI, realized to have thereby inside the sheet of buy PLL and modulus converter piece system of executive 2TX, 4RX. It is compositive DSP subsystem, this subsystem includes TI to amount to the high-powered C674x DSP that signal handles with Yu Lei.

This parts of an apparatus includes a processor subsystem that is based on ARM R4F, this subsystem is in charge of radio configuration, control and calibration. Model of simple process designing is changed supportable all sorts of sensor are carried out (close quarters, middle distance and remote) , and can undertake dynamic and new configuration, realize much mode sensor thereby. In addition, this parts of an apparatus undertakes offerring as complete platform solution, this solution includes hardware guideline of configuration of driver of referenced design, software, sample, API and user documentation

Solution of radar of NXP77GHz millimeter wave

On September 4, 2018, NXP did not come in riverside of “2018 favour wisdom meeting ” released peak of science and technology formally solution of radar of new generation car, send and receive in processor of new S32R of referenced platform admiral, radio frequency implement with aerial the design is combined together, expanded thereby the radar ecosystem of favour wisdom riverside.



Main advantage:

Solution of radar of favour wisdom riverside uses S32R27 processor, TEF810x CMOS to send and receive implement manage IC with FS8510 power source, aim to offer simplify the hardware that radar carries out, software and tool, lower the threshold of radar application development, help a client accelerate radar application to appear on the market thereby.

Solution of radar of millimeter wave of • new generation, the radar signal processor that precedes favour wisdom riverside 1 as organic as software of radar of car plan step union is together, offer referenced design for the user. Through using the compositive optimizes highly radar accelerator in S32R27, the client is in when carrying out extremely complex car radar to apply will more be sure.

• regards radar of favour wisdom riverside as the one part of ecosystem, this solution provided software of radar of car plan step and the hardware development platform that use easily for trival radar research and development.

• shortens effectively get used to cruise oneself (ACC) , urgent apply the brake (the research and development of the application such as AEB) is periodic.



Radar design consults platform is called RDK-S32R274, combined processor of S32R27 of favour wisdom riverside, TEF810 X CMOS to send and receive implement, IC of management of FS8410 power source and radar software development are covered. Favour wisdom riverside increased to expand with aerial module, can found custom-built development platform for specific client application. The core of this radar solution is the series processor ——S32R27 that can be based on Power Architecture patulously and S32R37, khouri weighs first to its are “ special the chip ” at processing radar algorithm.



Graph: Frame of structure of S32R of favour wisdom riverside

Regard radar processor as technology and market leader, favour wisdom riverside was offerred for the client can expand range of products, include the S32R27 that releases before and S32R37. These parts of an apparatus are compositive very efficient radar processor, compare with traditional DSP photograph, function / power comsumption comparing rose 3 times 10 times square. To safe key application, prevent for example bump, change automatic and auxiliary, urgent apply the brake, can realize the longer distance that monitor and higher resolution and accuracy.

Jiatelan is small release ALPS SoC of chip of radar of millimeter wave of new generation 77GHz

2019, on March 21, jiatelan microelectronics released system of its revolutionary radar of Alps series millimeter wave in Shanghai odd chip. Alps series chip is compositive Baseband of high speed ADC, complete radar signal processing and high-powered CPU nucleus. It is afterwards after releasing odd chip of radio frequency of radar of millimeter wave of generation 77GHz 2017, jiatelan microelectronics was brought for industry taller compositive spent systematic odd chip. Was this to roll out more on the news briefing compositive a God the product of AiP(antenna In Package) of the line.





Main advantage:

Regard Jiatelan as new generation advocate make a product, alps is had quicker (Fast) , more agile (Flexible) , more friendly (Friendly) , more reliable (the characteristic of Firm) , the chip solution that makes market of radar of 77/79GHz millimeter wave have competition ability most.

Super- short be apart from radar compositive Soc chip

Aip: Unifinication of antenna of Antenna In Package encloses chip

Need not edition of high frequency PCB, super- short be apart from radar hardware, 0 development cost

Radar BOM cost is reduced substantially

Ultrasonic radar is replaced



Microelectronics CEO Chen Jiashu is opposite Jiatelan the reporter expresses: “ is in radio frequency part, alps chip includes 4 emissive channels, 4 receive a channel, have the undee generator that height can configure, compositive still the modulus converter that is as high as 50Msps sampling rate. In the meantime, compositive still the digital circuit such as signal processing system. The hardware solid sentence that complete and efficient radar signal handles base band to realize classical radar signal to handle algorithm, save development natural resources greatly, have low power comsumption, can the dominant position with high effect. The nucleus of ARC EM6 CPU that has functional security can offer 300MHz for the user advocate the unit of powerful data processing of frequency will come true dog the program such as algorithmic, superstratum application algorithm and control software. ”



Chip of radar of 77GHz millimeter wave basically applies at forward the active control ADAS such as AEB/LKA, compare other early-warning kind ADAS, 77GHz affects safety of drive a vehicle directly, leader plant more the radar enterprise; that case assembles before apt chooses to have besides, lead plane produces radar of pair of homebred 77GHz millimeter wave to check cycle to grow. 2019, market of millimeter wave radar will drive as intelligence the propulsion of the process, greet more market business chance and applied be born, we enter applied be born to be able to pay close attention to continuously to each plan of big firm, also congratulate beforehand Chinese indigenous industry to depend on the actual strength of research and development of oneself in market competition, achieve good growth.

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