PCB of growing Taiwan of circuit board market greets dawn

2018 global circuit board industrial continuance grew 2017 trend, although growing rate falls to 6.31% , but production value dimensions reachs 69.1 billion dollar, achieve the history once more new tall. Taiwan circuit board association (because include 3 trends,TPCA) analysis production value achieves highland continuously (Advanced Pcb, Big-data, Car) and 3 accidents (delay of PC shipment volume drops, IC support plate demands exceeds supply, smartphone periphery grows erupt) . Look into 2019 TPCA to think, taiwan PCB has development opportunity to also have a challenge, opportunity face is driven to expect 5G business turns change machine tide, challenge face must pay close attention to international to strange and changeful changeful industry changes, like the whole world the contest of circuit board industry adds up to the opportunity that leaves with growth and decline and Sino-US trade war and menace.

Circuit board

Labour grinds strategy of international of courtyard industry science and technology develops place to release a report to point out, taiwan is occupied in global city rate 31.3% , still be global coronal, it is the mainland next 23% , but have in view of land endowment board factory is lending each square advantage promotion competition ability, if policy props up, active wisdom move change, cost of low strategy, depress, its city is occupied rate in rising successively with growing rate, forcing continuously stage by stage Taiwan bibcock position.

To this year the view of integral PCB industry, TPCA holds the post of director and Li Changming of general manager of Xin Xing electron newly to express, taiwan browbeats potentially is hasten of environmental protection of Sino-US trade war, mainland severe wait for adverse element, add the mainland to be the whole world circuit board basically is produced get together fall, although Taiwan is in global city to take house hat, but face a person of same business to compete to still not allow small gaze, follow-up of proposal station plant carries from aggrandizement factory battalion management begins, be like wisdom move change guide, reduce manpower cost, raise character to reduce manufacturing cost, promote competition ability then.

In addition be aimed at forthcoming 5G period, li Changming expresses further, 5G equipment will be by 2019 roll out in succession, predict to be able to begin to see on 3C application 2020 grow, and 5G applies in what drive oneself, because involve technology of person safety and high reliability to need to overcome, beforehand it is more mature that appraise just should be met to 2022.

Li Changming points out, the stability of mark of question of high frequency demand of technology of because 5G application is pressing wants high speed, low defer and 5G, medicinal powder hot issue, will be the crucial factor that PCB industry catenary is about to face and challenge.

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