Network safety, data the first

All the time since, a lot of enterprises just are collecting data purely, do not understand position of the content of these data, action, memory and the reason that collect data however. As ” average data protects byelaw ” (GDPR) and ” data divulges bulletin act ” wait for relevant code come on stage, and the heat of the topic rises related big data, more and more enterprises begin to realize understanding data, protection data is mixed disentomb the importance of data value.

Data not only the main asset that is an enterprise, and the activator that still is innovation action. The company should think his data strategy afresh, realising data is the crucial essential factor that ensures the success realizes business to innovate, must give the key is protected. All enterprises should have the network security with quantity custom-built body integral solution, cover technology, personnel and technological process each respects, ensure enterprise safety does not have anxiety. And data protection is the first requirement that assures safety of intranet sth resembling a net.

A lot of enterprises lack the data of comprehensive whole to protect a method. What the enterprise must understand clearly above all is real data protection, the protection that perfects oneself hard then is politic. Data protection is meant not only should ensure the safety of data and stability, and make sure data can be used at any time even, at any time online.

The data protection challenge that at present the enterprise faces basically comes from the following 3 respects, include:

· network crime grows in intensity. Network safety menace is becoming increasingly complex, have an organization and businesslike. Review whole 2018, blackmail virus with what GlobeImposter, Crysis, GandCrab is a delegate rampant with each passing day, frenzied aggressor is passed blackmail virus and vermian virus union to use, and lay the target enterprise or business unit and government concern a section, ever made what bedding face accumulates many cases blackmail incident early or late, consequence and ruinous increase significantly, cause the wide attention of social all circles for a time.

Site of · data storage is too dispersive. Like the individual, the enterprise also has a lot of data storage places. Because a lot of enterprises are undertaking to fundamental framework modernization is transformed, use cloud computation service at the same time, data stores the place becomes increasing, data protects difficulty to will be increased further.

· data bulk shows geometrical progression to grow. At present data bulk biennially increases one times. Arrive from 2010 2020, data bulk will grow 50 times. Among them the data of 70% is occupied for 2 progression. But major company invests protection only its are main data or real time data. Because data bulk is too great, the industry knows his full data and their memory place very hard.

The first job of current business, in bringing into data protection strategy of safety of intranet sth resembling a net namely, come. Above all, data protects since memory, install complete be closely bound up with the network again. Next, data is lost and relevant risk may result from many respects, include breakdown of enterprise interior, exterior, baleful software, system, mistake, fire or flood. Industry need makes number plan according to manage and restoring in the light of every kinds of plan.

Position of understanding data storage is crucial, because we cannot be protected,see the thing that be less than. Data not only consist in company is interior, store in the cloud, application the program is mixed possibly also other tripartite platform. A lot of enterprises think these tripartite supplies chamber of commerce to be in charge of to their data, believe industry data is migratory the security that can have high level to the cloud. But the fact is not such, no matter data is located in where, the enterprise answers the data of oneself and information to be in charge of.

Because the enterprise of 2/3 does not know data storage place, bring about its doing decisive decision-making when adoption data is less than a half, missed the opportunity that makes full use of to already had data in business. Prove from this, position of understanding data storage is crucial to value of company creation business.

Finally, the crucial essential factor that data protects is to ensure the enterprise can visit data at any time. Data is the activator that the company acts, if unwarrantable enterprise visits oneself data at any time, consequence will be unimaginable. The company should think this locality adequately deploy and on the actor defect of the cloud. Be divulged in view of data and lose pair of company business the influence is great, and be in considering data the crucial action in business, data protection should be put in the first place of network safety. Network safety, data the first!

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