Love establishs a letter to say to will cooperate the market to superintend total bureau investigation: Intellectual property permits business to be complained

On April 14, the telegraphic equipment business that headquarters is located in Sweden loves to establish a letter to confirm to the reporter, because relevant company stands a letter to be in what Chinese intellectual property allows business to complain to love, national market supervised administrative total bureau to started the investigation that believes relevant license professional work to loving to stand recently. Love establishs a letter to will cooperate to be investigated this with all one’s strength, during investigation undertakes won’t redo is commented on further.

That day earlier moment has a report to say, recently, national market superintends total bureau assault to check telegraphic equipment business to love office of Beijing establishing a letter, hand-in-hand travel spot obtains evidence. Before this, industry comes out many mobile phone manufacturer superintends total bureau to inform against to the market, complain love to establish a letter to be in 3G and 4G standard are necessary and patent (presence of SEP) license market is disobeyed ” antitrust law ” behavior.

This also is afterwards after understanding antitrust proposal high, national antitrust superintends a branch to allow the investigation of the 2nd antitrust that market territory launchs in intellectual property.

Like be connected high, the level that loves to established a letter to also master much communication territory is necessary and patent, want the intellectual property fee of collection your writing every year for this.

The information that discloses according to loving to establish a letter 2015 shows: Love establishs a letter in the whole world each countries apply for patent of 2G, 3G, 4G to exceed 35000; to love to establish a letter in all annual intellectual property income is 10 billion yuan of RMBs about.

But the person that regard a standard as the hold of necessary patent, hold must be kept when accredit intellectual property fair, reasonable with blame discrimination (the principle of FRAND) .

On April 14, love establishs a letter to emphasize in statement, the company is based on fair, reasonable with blame discrimination (the principle of FRAND) , the banner patent combination inside the line of business that owns to place undertakes permissive, and devote oneself to from beginning to end follow this one principle strictly.

Consult national hair changed 2013 appoint the investigation that dominates a position to connecting a company high to be suspected of abusing the market, if national market supervises administrative total bureau to affirm love established a letter to violate antitrust act finally, may make a series of punishment to loving to establish a letter.

2013, collective of manufacturer of homebred mobile phone changes to national hair appoint complain connect high be suspected of abusing the market to control a position, hair change appoint started pair of antitrust investigation that open high subsequently, be in to connecting antitrust high one case gave out 2015 investigation conclusion, gave the fine of about 1 billion dollar to be being connected high, still instruct additionally connect manufacturer of aircraft of the national champion in be high to use the royalty fee set that opens chip design high clause.

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