Is the mobile phone photographed will greet 2019 like the head transform greatly?

2016 to 2018, because smartphone permeability is achieved perch and change machine cycle to lengthen, global smartphone is in glide periodic. Although 2019 be enslaved to be enslaved to 2020 the arrival of 5G mobile phone, consumer changes machine apiration to will be reduced further, but the arrival that spends 5G mobile phone as the four seasons, smartphone open new one rotate machine is periodic, smartphone shipment volume will restore to grow 2020. Will for a long time look, afro-asian pull wait for burgeoning area smartphone to still have the space that replaces functional machine, value a smartphone to keep small a growth.

China to be in series of P of new first half of the year machine open is new round photograph innovation resembling a head, include: 1) is used go hope type is long anxious photograph;2) resembling a head to guide RYYB sensor, enhance what dark luminous environment falls to film ability;3)P30 Pro is used 4 photograph plan, increase flight time newly (ToF) is photographed enhance result of photograph depth of field like the head. Will integratedly tell, china to be in series of new admiral machine as before photograph the module that serves as first innovation like the head.


Meanwhile, the mobile phone photographed 2019 receive innovation good year like the head: 1) 3 photograph can begin to permeate in the admiral machine of 6 old brands, predicting annual 3 photograph smartphone shipment volume to be camera lens of 185 million;2)7P to will guide about 2019 of admiral machine advocate photograph million of the;3)40 in resembling a head – 48 million are occupied like volume of shipment of element camera lens than will promoting quickly, 2019 admiral machine advocate photograph the camera lens that will use 40 million above.

Additional, the mobile phone absorbs motive force of long-term like the head innovation enough: 1)TOF will be in fast 2020 to the limit of one’s capacity, china to will be in with the apple the end of the year rolls out AR this year or after camera lens of MR glasses;2)7P, bo model mixes scene or will be the period of comprehensive hold of technical program;3) that solves smartphone ply bottleneck, photograph below screen resembling a head will be before buy is photographed change like the head one of the mainest way.

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