Gartner: Position of bibcock of SamSung semiconductor market abdicate Intel

According to coverage of Chinese Taiwan media, the market studies company Gartner says, because stored 2018 the prosperity of chip DRAM market, the position that company of Korea SamSung electron regards the whole world as supplier of the biggest semiconductor gets buildup, but 2019, tycoon of this memory chip position of this one big boss will drop possibly to the 2nd seating arrangement.


The battalion that SamSung electron company is as high as 88% closes come from sell at memory chip. Five heart of Nuo of · of Andrew of Gartner research vice president (AndrewNorwood) expresses, the lead position of company of “ SamSung electron is to build actually on the base of memory chip business that if be not stabilized euqally quicksand,is in, and the business that did not stabilize because of this 2019, its are the biggest this one crown can lose semiconductor supplier status for certain Intel. ”

Gartner expresses, battalion received global semiconductor 2018 tot 474.6 billion dollar, grow 12.5% than 2017. Battalion received global semiconductor 2018 compared to the same period amplitude, relatively 2017 compared to the same period amplitude was reduced 21.9% .

Although “ grows put delay, in storing chip remains semiconductor market share of the largest category, battalion closes occupy than achieving 34.3% . Wood expresses ” Nuo, “ this basically is be risen in price by DRAM drive, because be between the greater part time-sharing 2008, the average price of DRAM (ASP) is rising. As a result of,do not pass supply exceeds demand, the average price of DRAM arrives the fourth quarter began to drop 2018, and this one trend will last to the second half of the year 2019. ”

Gartner says, although be in 2018 second half of the year its 10 pay the metric system builds craft to roll out experience defer, and low end CPU supplies a state to be restricted, semiconductor battalion received Intel 2018 with photograph comparing still grew 12.9% 2017. Was in 2018 before the whole world in supplier of 10 most conductor, the growth that Korea stores chip produces business SKhynix is most driving, growth range is as high as 37.4% .

In addition, gartner still expresses, the application of the 2nd large category that regards semiconductor as the market is special standard product (ASSP) part, its battalion closes to grow 5.1% only. Because smartphone market rises backwater,this basically is, and flat computer market glides continuously. Below a lot of circumstances, the semiconductor battalion of the distributors that depends on these terminal markets badly to sell applied process processor, modem and other package closes drop.

Include Gaotong and couplet hair division (MediaTek) inside the banner supplier of this domain, extending to the adjacent market that has better growth perspective in actively, adjacent market includes car and application of content couplet net to wait. Nevertheless, gartner thinks, as similar as the personal computer market that has entered autumn, the growth of smartphone market still may be in backwater condition 2019.

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