Gao Tongping reconciles if really! All lawsuit reach bilateral cancel 6 years direct accredit agreement

Now before dawn, connect high issue statement in government-owned net at the same time with the apple, announce to reach reconcile agreement, reconcile content includes both sides to reject the whole world all lawsuit between two companies, malic general to connect high pay brushstroke accredit fee, the direct accredit that both sides reachs a by a definite date 6 years permits an agreement to wait.

This is meant connect high wait for the litigant big fight inside global limits to ring down the curtain nearly two years around antitrust and patent tort with the apple.

Connecting investor concern website high to go up, connect high announced this to reconcile consultative content is schematic, include among them:



One, connect high obtain the direct authorization to the apple. Before this connect high be not direct accredit with malic accredit agreement, take the place of namely through the contract manufacturer to the apple however plant business collection, connect high hope to obtain the direct authorization with the apple all the time, dan Ping refuses if really.

The compromise with newest basis agreement, this immediate permission accredit that is its 6 years from April 1, 2019 become effective, the apple will pay to know accredit cost high, this agreement contains delay option of two years, also meaning this is a “6+2” year direct accredit permits an agreement.

Malic general to connect high pay brushstroke one-time money. From 2016 the apple after first quarter refuses to connect high pay accredit to allow fee, hind because apple and its contract manufacturer include Fuji health, Ren Bao, achieve with large and abb wait for accusation of business of 4 big acting plants to connect collection high exorbitant patent uses fee and lay aside further, the face ever expressed the Gao Tongfang before this, this money total reachs billions of dollar. Current, the specific amount of this money is sealed, but very possible amount does not poor.

2, both sides recalls all lawsuit inside global limits. Began in January 2017, the apple sues offensive of bring a case to court to Gao Tongfa, be in the United States in succession international trade committee (ITC) , federal trade commission (FTC) , and American place court is initiated in the light of the antitrust litigation that understands high, as strike back, connect high be in the United States in succession, the court of much ground of much whole world such as China, Germany initiates the patent tort lawsuit that is aimed at an apple because of patent tort.

Before ending to reconcile, connect the patent lawsuit that is aimed at an apple more in the whole world high to be gotten the better of completely almost, won among them include court of justice of place of China, Germany the ban of product of patent to tort IPhone. In addition, american ITC also held tort patent fact, and apt ban is released, but the result still is in reexamine. The front courtyard careful that commission of American federal trade investigates to connecting antitrust high already ended, still lie at present in waiting to adjudge. In addition, the contract dispute that both sides permits about accredit one case also lies during front courtyard careful. Reconcile this, mean both sides these lawsuit will be stopped.

3, old chip supply agreement. Before till 2016 IPhone7 is released, tell the supplier of chip of exclusive base band that is an apple all the time high, malic respect ever expressed, gao Tongceng gets the place of sole supplier with offerring the form of incentive gold, and the respect expresses Gaotong, because the apple is in,this is respect of base band chip besides connect high without more choice, this is the focus of bilateral court debate for a time.

The apple does not hope all the time its yuan parts of an apparatus supplies catenary to be put in sole supplier only, but connect high banner advantage is had in respect of base band chip, at present Intel of supplier of exclusive base band is in product function and progress of gradual progress respect are slow, be in especially 5G respect, a group of people of same interest that install eminent is launching the offensive of aggressive to the apple at present, lose connect high, mean an apple to defy inferior position is in in a group of people of same interest that install eminent in 5G times, 5G is one of main reasons that both sides reconciles probably.

This Cigaotong states both sides signs old chip supply agreement, did not disclose whether to become sole supplier afresh, need awaits the information with further both sides to release.

4, firm the accredit that connects high permits mode. The apple is aimed at the lawsuit since Gao Tongfa, first goal is to hope to destroy the accredit with be connected high important to permit commercial pattern, but look from current result, this one mode is done not have by effective shake. Court of place of the United States before this ever made a ruling, the demand connects beard Xiang Jing high to contend for adversary accredit to open a standard necessary patent, but how is this ruling carried out and carry out why to plant degree remains to observe further.

5, mirrorred tell patent value and force high. Connect high in the lawsuit that is aimed at an apple, emphasizing its accredit permitting mode all the time, its according to overall the means actually that collect fees is the enormous contribution that makes in intellectual property domain because of its, need protects the innovation that its make in place of intellectual property field, and these reflect the communication mark in base band chip to allow necessary patent to go up not just.

Review connect high in the light of the patent lawsuit inside limits of malic whole world, graph of one party interview coerces through banning carry out the apple reconciles besides, also be to showing its are in on the other hand Gao Tongfei standard is necessary and patent the powerful reserve of the respect, and global judicatory orgnaization also proved to understand the value in respect of high quality patent and contribution high to connecting the affirmation of patent high, and the practice that the apple rules in the ban that answers global judicatory orgnaization to make the difference that shows in the process is treated and refus is not carried out also suffers the outside to censure.

This both sides reconciles, although let the outside feel “ accident ” , but also be in reason. Know the effectiveness that proving through patent lawsuit its are patent all the time and value high, and the apple also cannot provide significant evidence in the light of the antitrust litigation that understands high, be locked in a seesaw struggle of nearly two years, although the apple takes the lead in to be being connected high rise in revolt, but connect high strike back again and again subsequently, the apple has the power that keep on retreating quite.

In this one process, connect the signal that releasing hope both sides to reconcile all the time high, connect a high level high for many times to state bilateral conference implementation reconciles, and malic respect all the time the attitude is tough, determined not release what is held, the apple sends hope FTC to be able to be changed thoroughly to the antitrust investigation that opens high, but look from present result, many sided element makes malic compromise, before returning conference table.

Apparently look, the result that both sides reconciles lets an apple very “ gets hurt ” , but long-term in light of, connect as new as the apple foster cordial relations between countries high, it is best to both sides result probably. The apple can continue to consolidate its are in the lead position of mobile phone industry, connect high recover its important client order, yu Fan of bilateral get away’s miscellaneous judicatory lawsuit, in the innovation that throws more energy mobile phone industry, also conduce to industry of whole mobile phone, especially when 5G comes the development of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of whole mobile phone.

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