Facebook uses map of density of population of AI scale Africa to be used at humane aid

According to the United States ” ability of engineering course of hemp province manage is commented on ” (MITTechnologyReview) website report, facebook company will protect astral image and couple of deepness study photograph, for Africa major area founded new population density map, release formally today.

This piece of accurate population density atlas can help government and blame seek profits the area that organizes the resource such as will humanitarian aid, Medical Protection to send to the map to did not indicate. Facebook expresses, the other area map that this company develops already was supporting the work of electrification of the countryside of Tanzania, the activity of measles vaccine have an inoculation of harmonious Malawi.


The original intention of this job is active get on more person belt to the network. Development staff is a foundation with the faces 22 nations similar map that releases before Facebook, final scale gives the map that covers whole world.

For this, the World.AI group of Facebook established data set of a training technically, will in order to train nerve network identify the each plot in satellitic picture. According to the data of Facebook, deepness study model achieved the accuracy rate of 99% above. Finally, they break up the satellitic picture of African mainland 100×100 foot area, found give accurate, the population density graph of high resolution.

Facebook is not exclusive the company that an use deepness studies to collect information from inside satellitic picture. Planet and Cartesian lab (the high-tech company such as DescartesLabs) also uses similar technique to undertake classified to crop, dog but the use of second birth the sources of energy, monitor the healthy state of ecosystem. Last year, microsoft ever still trained model of a deepness study to come compose establishs a comprehensive data set, to the United States all building footmark try to record.

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