Domain of medical treatment of 5G be born, what does operation of direct seeding of the 5G since so much bring to overturn to medical treatment?

China bed 5G upsurge just weak go, the upsurge of 5G application be born comes already. This, medical treatment domain goes in front row. Operation of 5G direct seeding raised the big screen of be born of wisdom medical treatment, medical treatment domain is about to greet, it is more complete overturn.

Operation of 5G direct seeding, medicine teachs means to change

Recently, operation of 5G direct seeding is abrupt fire rise. At the beginning of April, the cardiology of the 4th international that holds in Pakistan is met on annual meeting, beijing mounds outside hospital expert Professor Wu Yongjian and its group undertook an operation direct seeding through network of Chinese UniCom 5G, this is China is taken to “ first all the way intervening surgery of heart of direct seeding of ” country scene.

5g medical treatment

A few days ago, medical treatment of wisdom of 5G of Shanghai head home applies demonstrative base to begin on type, mount Hua hospital is mixed through UniCom China bed 5G technology, direct seeding two tall difficulty open skull operation, do not enter surgery, people also can the operation whole process of doctor of view and emulate of ground of be personally on the scene.

Although 5G direct seeding is 5G only most fundamental application, but it was brought to medical education however facilitate greatly. Henceforth, the doctor of hospital of a lot of basic level needs to carry a mobile phone only, can see top expert exceeds high-definition operation direct seeding, very helpful to promoting technology of operation of basic level hospital, study forward position knowledge. And as “5G+ medical treatment ” application setting is in surgery be born, tall difficulty of operation technology gain ground remotely to teach means to also will be innovated thoroughly with medicine.

5G foundation technology, bring for net of couplet of medical treatment content overturn change

5G serves as a shirt-sleeve network, not be 4g only accelerate upgrade edition, have the user that exceeds 10 times than 4g to experience rate however, only the transmission delay time of 1 millisecond and the join number density of 10 times, these be born implementation that are content couplet net provided technical basis.

Transmit what 5G environment creates without delay time, can let doctor person be in Beijing, Shanghai, for far make the rounds of the wards of real time consultation, 5G is offerred in the patient of Xinjiang, Yunnan, long-range operation can be begun before joy stick of have the aid of controls robot “ to walk along ” to sickbed even, realize times of ” of hand of “ a thousand li truly.

Besides, the foundation such as hospital of emergency treatment of all sorts of medical treatment robots, wisdom, wisdom is built, also arrange agile ground because of 5G network technology. The put into production of the promotion of prospective 5G mobile phone and network platform, also will be net of couplet of medical treatment content and medical treatment equipment to offer necessary platform to prop up.

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