Demand of silicon brilliant round Q2 stops firm, second half of the year will pick up

As brilliant circle acting factory cast a quantity to pick up, add Korea SK Hailishi does not have stannic mill the 2nd period begin to enter a quantity to produce level from April, silicon brilliant is round demand of the 2nd season stops apparently firm, second half of the year will be entered grow answer phase.

Round-the-world brilliant depends on big plant of silicon brilliant circle first half of the year long arrange shipment, after adjusting a product to combine average shipment price still summary prep above last year second half of the year, because semiconductor produces the silicon brilliant circle in catenary,inventory maintains the normal level in 4 weeks, round price of brilliant of silicon of the 2nd season is not had cheapen pressure, excel of carry of battalion of second half of the year first half of the year, it is good last year that hopeful look upon can be compared this year.

Brilliant circle

Amalgamative last year battalion receives round-the-world brilliant year add 27.8% amount to money of fifty-nine billion and sixty-four million yuan of new stations (similarly hereinafter) , business interest year add 137.1% amount to seventeen billion five hundred and seventy-eight million yuan, attributive parent company the net after duty year add 158.4% amount to thirteen billion six hundred and thirty-one million yuan,

Although demand of market of semiconductor of the first season drops in temperature, silicon brilliant round market is unavoidable be affected, but include the silicon brilliant round supplier such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan to still hold optimistic view to be being held in the arms this year. When SUMCO of Japanese big plant attended the United States to fasten foreign capital to invest forum a few days ago, point out, global silicon brilliant is round inventory water level fell last year to 2 Zhou Xin is low, since this year although rise to 4 weeks of level, but still be normal seasonal level, as to continent industry person open the circle of brilliant of 8 inches of silicon that go out to produce still can not see obtain semiconductor plant attestation to pass, very finite to influence of market supply and demand.

Round-the-world brilliant although the first season is faced with client inventory to amend bring about shipment to put delay, but do not have instantly of the gender depreciate pressure, at present shipment still is depended on grow to maintain stability about. Round-the-world brilliant 80 ~ 85% produce already can be wrapped to fall about by guest householder, include the any crystalline substance of the circle of brilliant of 12 inches of silicon of 90% , 8 inches of silicon of 80% among them circle and under the circle of brilliant of 6 inches of silicon of 50% . And because of the length that signs in recent years about good value assures, so beforehand annual gives estimate on average this year commodity price case still is met relatively last year tower above 3 ~ 5% extent.

Amalgamative in Feburary battalion receives round-the-world brilliant announcement only the month is decreased 9.0% amount to 4.727 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew last year 10.1% , amalgamative battalion receives before accumulative total 2 months 9.925 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew last year 9.9% , it is calendar year the corresponding period new tall. Xu Xiulan of round-the-world brilliant president pointed out a few days ago, although this year order heat relatively dropped in temperature last year, but because grow to be produced so in the hand about can utilization rate is maintained be fully loaded with, battalion of the first season carries achievement won’t make everybody disappointed, the 2nd season is looked into not poor, demand of second half of the year will pick up.

Industry points out, conductor of half-and-half of Sino-US trade dispute produces the negative effect of catenary to already was reduced apparently, the 2nd season delivers brilliant circle acting plant a quantity already saw pick up, about relatively the first season increases 10 ~ 15% extent. Although memory factory has kinetic energy of reduction of output, but Hailishi does not have SK stannic mill the 2nd period will begin cast a quantity to produce in April, second half of the year is memory market peak period, throw an amount beforehand appraise can pick up in the 2nd season. In light of whole, silicon brilliant round demand the 2nd Ji Zhi is firm, second half of the year will see pick up.

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