Chip air attack casts completely row: Semiconductor revives won’t happen possibly this year

The outside anticipates chip sale will revive in second half of the year more, dan Huaer street casts travel Bern Si Tan (Bernstein) has different view however, reduce heart state apparatus and Yadenuo the stock grade of semiconductor.

Suffer this message be a burden on, american semiconductor is big apparatus of factory heart state (TXN-US) weighs defeat, touch for a time low every 106.53 dollars, heretofore already went up this year about 14% .

After Philadelphia semiconductor open quotation goes tall, concussion goes low. US stock Zhou Yi (25 days) dish in trade period of time, heart state apparatus leads chip kill below collective, beautiful light (riverside of MU-US) , Nvidia(NVDA-US) , favour wisdom (NXPI-US) glides more than 2% , ADR(TSM-US)Intel(INTC-US) of stage accumulating report goes drop even more 1% .


Wall street casts travel Bern Si Tan (Bernstein) analyst StacyRasgon heart state apparatus and Yadenuo semiconductor falls to accord with the market to behave ” for “ from attune of ” of “ excel grail, advocate because be,think answer won’t be in chip boom possibly to happen this year this year.

StacyRasgon expresses: “ still is increasing as a result of inventory, taller anticipation and value of not quite advantageous share price appraise, we are anxious more and more 2019 the chip industry environment of second half of the year, reason is in heart state apparatus and Yadenuo near future of classics of semiconductor all previous round after rising, the choice meets stock of high usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, leave field wait-and-see. ”

StacyRasgon says: We won’t persuade “ anybody abandons extended hold in these two companies any, but considering more extensive setting element, we may be willing to invest new fund to the other field that has more appraise value more. . ”

However, rasgon reiterates its are right price of target of heart state apparatus 115 dollars, be equivalent to leaving what at present share price still has 7% to go up space.

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