Apple, connect battlefront high to won’t be changed, to issue level patent battle prepares

Zhou Er, american government a committee made different decision with respect to the intense patent dispute between apple and Gao Tongzhi. In commission of federal trade of next month United States (the battlefront of Gao Tonghe apple won’t produce any changes before the adjudication of FederalTradeCommission) and a major trial.

Committee of American international trade (InternationalTradeCommission) is together favorable to the apple final ruling was made in the case, and an administration judge of ITC is in another case in the case the proposal that offerred not to implement sanction is connected high with support.

Connect high

Be in two cases this in incident, the IPhone7 that Gao Tongjun tries to prohibit importing an apple to produce, 8 with X type, these type all contain the chip that Intel produces. Because overseas produces IPhone, prohibit importing the sale that is in block up apple the United States.

Company of these two United States already was in dispute of a law refuse to budge two years, the apple accuses the patent that connects high permits practice inequity. Connect high accuse the apple violates patent conversely.

The apple expresses in a statement: &Ldquo; Gao Tongzheng uses these case prescind power, make its need not be in charge of for the real problem such as act of its rig trade. ”

Connect high express after the first favorable to oneself court decision, it will be sought to the 2nd the court decision undertakes “ reconsiders ” , because this and some earlier this month moment is in Santiago federal court (the careful of jury law court that FederalcourtinSanDiego) wins fails to meet each other. Jury rules in front courtyard careful, the apple violated 3 patent that connect high.

Connect argue high to say, if cannot carry out patent very well to permit a practice, its innovation value can be reduced. Its competitor, especially China acquire larger market share for will organic meeting. The inferior in quality of tall appellative Intel, censure Intel and malic general not authorized understands a technology high embedded Intel chip, in order to improve its quality.

Connect high express in a statement: &Ldquo; apple abandoned invalid plead when front courtyard careful ends, jury rules the apple was encroached consistently recently same a patent, and the court decision of committee nots agree with with this however. The ”“ adjudication in view of jury, we reconsider those who seek commission. ”

• overcomes Jiasidu of attorney of new York patent Luo Bu (GastonKroub) expresses, understanding the strategy in committee of American international trade high is, use the menace that imports a ban, force an apple to be reached with respect to all patent between two companies and antitrust accusation reconcile.

“ Gaotonghui is very glad that they gained something at least, but final, had this court decision, the apple will have courage to think it can continue to resist the attack that opens high, ”Kroub says. “ the defence that I think this won’t affect an apple is politic. ”

Commission of federal trade of predicting United States (FederalTradeCommission) will be very fast make adjudication to antitrust lawsuit, this lawsuit accusation knows the forestall place that abuses mobile chip technology high.

A litigant general that the apple mentions will be tried in California open a court session in April. Malic accusation is connected high violate antitrust law, for its technical accredit seeks exorbitant patent fee.

Connect high had mixed in the United States, China, Germany other country to lodge a complaint, accuse IPhone uses its technology without accredit.

Connect high won in China and Germany in the light of the apple (the sale ban of Apple) , nevertheless Chinese ban did not get executive, the apple also resumed the mobile phone sale that is in Germany, carry the mobile phone that connects chip high only.

The apple also gained a few victories, a lot of patent that connect high are sentenced to disable, be such on level now at least. Commission of American federal trade (the patent that FederalTradeCommission) accuses to Gaotongli uses his to go up in occupation standard, competitor close the door on, ask collection high specified number allows fee. The patent in this case and standardization technology have nothing to do, dan Ping claims if really Gaotongli keeps monopoly power with committee of American international trade.

Committee of American international trade (in two cases that ITC) Zhou Er rules, favorable to the apple ruling can mention to federal court only appeal. Favorable to be being connected high ruling will is faced with by committee of international trade of 6 United States (the combination of ITC) member is discussed, ITC general make final decision.

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