Analyzer of health of blue tooth of low power comsumption stimulates element data through analysing female and offer personalized oviposit to forecast help equipment pregnant female

The Mira of limited company of science and technology of medical treatment of triumphant earring made of jade or pearl looks for Hangzhou the NRF52832 SoC parts of an apparatus that analyzer of pistil intelligence health uses Nordic, pass blue tooth of low power comsumption wireless join will be female on the smartphone that synchronism of numerical value of sex hormone chroma transmits an user

Norwegian Oslo–On April 8, 2019–Choice of limited company of science and technology of medical treatment of triumphant earring made of jade or pearl uses Hangzhou of the subsidiary below the standard of Quanovate of company of medical treatment science and technology that Nordic Semiconductor announces to be located in san Francisco of American California city the chip of NRF52832 system level of Nordic (SoC) parts of an apparatus, for its Mira looks for analyzer of health of pistil ™ intelligence to offer blue tooth of low power comsumption (Bluetooth®Function of wireless join of Low Energy /Bluetooth LE) .

The female hormone chroma in the uric fluid example that the Mira of palmar size looks for pistil equipment to be collected through measuring club of oviposit test paper and personalized oviposit cycle are forecasted, but accurate find oviposit day, help female conception thereby.

After the user uses Mira to look for club of pistil oviposit test paper to collect uric fluid sample, through Mira the analyzer that look for pistil undertakes detecting, show hormone concentration, the blue tooth of low power comsumption that uses Nordic SoC to offer is wireless the blue tooth 4.0(that join function transmits data synchronism automatically the user or taller version) the IOS He Anzhuo of the smartphone is compatible Mira App. The Mira App of form a complete set is based on function of AI artificial intelligence analysis to know pattern of the hormone level of the user and cycle. Will be transmitted automatically through Mira App data and scale hormone curve, the user can receive exact female hormone numerical value to be able to examine periodic hormone pattern, be based on AI artificial intelligence Mira App can output accurate personalized oviposit to forecast, look for accurate oviposit day and find complete easy pregnancy, promote conception odds thereby. The user still can be inputted and pregnant of equipment of memory complete set is relevant physiology information, be the same as neck of house notes, palace for example temperature of analysis of mucous, cervix, foundation and period data.

Science and technology of medical treatment of triumphant earring made of jade or pearl points out Hangzhou it is current that Mira looks for pistil exclusive one passes medicines and chemical reagents of CE of American FDA, Europe and Chinese state provision to supervise the health of family expenses medical treatment that manages attestation of total bureau CDFA to monitor platform, enclothe equipment pregnant, be pregnant, the health of each phase checks the female such as fetal health, ovarian reserve and the turn of life.

The 32 Arm®Cortex®M4F processor that the parts of an apparatus of SoC of NRF52832 much agreement of Nordic tied a 64MHz and have – the radio of 2.4GHz much agreement of sensitivity of 96 DB RX (support blue tooth 5, ANT™ and have) of software of 2.4GHz RF agreement only, and 512kB Flash memory and 64kB RAM. The blue tooth that the S132 agreement inn of NRF52832 is Nordic inn of agreement of software of 5 attestation RF, use at compose to propose application of advanced blue tooth of low power comsumption. The space of software framework clarity with distinctive Nordic RF agreement software and the applied process code of triumphant earring made of jade or pearl, simplified thereby development and test process, ensure developing, compile, check and consultative inn won’t be destroyed when code of process of application of test and verify. In the center of support of S132 agreement inn, part of blue tooth of low power comsumption of peripheral, broadcast and observer, implementation amounts to 20 join and can support collateral part operation.

Mira uses polymer of ion of 600 MAh lithium to be able to charge batteries, the battery life of cycle of more than 30 functions is provided below mode of full laden work, can work many days 30 below mode of Morpheus of blue tooth of low power comsumption, have long endurance among them a reason is parts of an apparatus of this Nordic SoC has character of low power comsumption and low Morpheus electric current. The electricity of RX/TX of 5.5mA peak value that NRF52832 SoC uses 2.4GHz radio and full automatic the function such as system of power source management, aim utmost ground reduces power comsumption. Compare with the photograph of parts of an apparatus of NRF51 series SoC of Nordic, the power comsumption of NRF52832 SoC is reduced amount to 80% , bring the blue tooth of low power comsumption that has 58 CoreMark/mA thereby solution, times what function effect achieves competitive parts of an apparatus.

Author of combination of science and technology of medical treatment of triumphant earring made of jade or pearl holds Hangzhou concurrently presiding apparitor Kang Manman (Sylvia Kang) expresses: Sensitivity of capacity of the Arm CPU function with powerful “ , old memory, tall radio and low power comsumption are us the crucial factor of the NRF52832 SoC that Nordic uses in deciding to seek pistil facility in Mira. The blue tooth module of Nordic and soft hardware framework are OK become independent each other with the program module of ourselves, at the same time Nordic offers complete technical information and referenced design, these develop the work to us particularly advantageous. ”

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