Again 4 semiconductor industry affirms land division achieve board

Yesterday, from Shanghai superintendency bureau learns, again 4 semiconductor industry affirms will land division achieve board.

In small semiconductor

Shanghai superintendency bureau shows, small company plans to appear on the market in bourse board piece produce change, material change situation is as follows: Small company grows demand according to the company in, fixed position of combinative company oneself reachs management situation, the company drafts change to issue a stock publicly to appear on the market first board piece achieve for division of Shanghai stock exchange board.

It is reported, small semiconductor basically is engaged in the production of semiconductor equipment, marketing in, the company engraves gas phase of chemistry of organic compound of metal of corrode machine, MOCVD(to precipitate in plasma) the forestall that waited for a respect to break abroad, circle of yield the most advanced brilliant can be measured to make product line of 7 accept rice go up in the whole world, small semiconductor is the whole world that is sold by qualification of test and verify, implementation in one of suppliers of the 5 large equipment that engrave corrode, with electron of material of extensive forest, application, Tokyo, day establishs business of 4 beauty, day to be product line of chip of 7 accept rice to supply quarter corrode engine together, enter phase of research and development of 5nm technological equipment.

In small semiconductor

On January 8, small semiconductor and sea connect negotiable securities of negotiable securities, the Yangtse River to sign in coach the agreement is hand-in-hand coach all right put on record.

Coach put on record case report is official show, small semiconductor held water in May 2004 in, legal representative Yin Zhiyao. Refer day up to application, the company does not have effective control person, hold a 5% above partner to include Shanghai to achieve cast, Zhi Wei of Xun Xin investment, Nanchang, buy invests, in small Asia.

Billows has science and technology

The information that bureau of Shanghai card inspect discloses shows, chip alone the science and technology since horny animal billows is finished appear on the market coach, plan to land division achieve board.

The science and technology since billows is home’s famous chip alone horny animal, the personage inside course of study thinks to be able to be become division achieve board appear on the market the first batch enterprise. Shanghai superintendency bureau was announced a few days ago,

Have according to coaching case case reports, the science and technology since billows held water in May 2004, register capital 1.017 billion yuan, legal representative Yangchong and. Company advocate battalion is to be cloud computation and artificial intelligence domain to offer the solution that is a foundation with chip, offer high-powered and group of model of the CPU that safety can accuse, memory and solution of memory interface chip.

Examine data according to weather eye, amount of partner of backside of the science and technology since billows is numerous, its are direct partner includes Chinese electron investment to accuse a limited company, WLT Partners, l.P. , Zhuhai be in harmony flower business of equity investment partnership (limited partnership) , Shanghai faces manage to invest partnership business (limited partnership) , in limited company of investment of letter negotiable securities amount to tens of partner.

In addition, the money bulletin that the company issues shows, the science and technology since billows realized net profit 2018 737 million yuan, battalion receives 1.76 billion yuan, investment of research and development occupies battalion to accept scale for 15.74% .

Answer dawn microelectronics

It is reported, shanghai answer dawns microelectronics group Inc. also undertook appearing on the market training putting on record.

Answer dawn microelectronics held water in July 1998, appear on the market at was in Hong Kong 2000, advocate business Wu is integrated circuit (IC) design, already formed now safety and identify chip, blame to volatilize circuit of chip of ammeter of memory, intelligence, special imitate and north fight navigation chip to 5 old products and technology develop set and offer systematic solution, accuse share of share company China mountain to begin integrated circuit product to check professional work through subordinate at the same time.

Equity structure respect, answer dawn microelectronics can carry out control to its without single shareholder, without control a partner, without effective control person, before 5 partner are Shanghai answer to dawn industry of science and technology accuses company of hi-tech of dawn of a limited company, Shanghai answer, Shanghai politics this, Shanghai politics is changed and Shanghai country year, among them Shanghai answer dawns answer accuse industry of science and technology to accuse a limited company to hold 15.78% .

According to bureau of Shanghai card inspect fair those who show coach put on record case report information, of answer dawn microelectronics appear on the market coach the orgnaization combines negotiable securities for Hua Tai, coach put on record the day is on March 20, 2019, coach content includes ” division achieve board issue a stock publicly to register administrative measure first (try out) ” , ” division of Shanghai stock exchange is achieved board the stock appears on the market regular ” wait for concerned law laws and regulations groom.

Coach from its in light of content, answer dawn microelectronics also was this to aim at division achieve board.

Brilliant Feng Mingyuan drafts change to appear on the market bourse and board piece for division achieve board

Shanghai superintendency bureau released wide hair negotiable securities to coach about Inc. of semiconductor of Shanghai brilliant Feng Mingyuan working progress report is official show.

Announcement shows, inc. of wide hair negotiable securities already accepted Inc. of semiconductor of Shanghai brilliant Feng Mingyuan entrust, hold the position of what its issue a share publicly first and appear on the market to coach orgnaization. Wide hair negotiable securities already was signed with brilliant Feng Mingyuan ” Inc. of semiconductor of Shanghai brilliant Feng Mingyuan and Inc. of wide hair negotiable securities are issued about the stock appear on the market coach agreement ” , managed committee Shanghai superintendency bureau to refer at was being supervised to Chinese negotiable securities on September 3, 2018 coach put on record application.

But brilliant Feng Mingyuan admits need according to the company, for the development of professional work of better stimulative company future, the company drafts change to appear on the market bourse and board piece achieve for division of Shanghai stock exchange board.

Inc. of bright source semiconductor established Shanghai brilliant abundant in October 2008, it is home’s banner imitate and one of businesses of design of mixture signal integrated circuit, first dedicated the research and development at chip of LED illume drive and sale. Began 2015, the company already began the research and development of chip of electric machinery drive and sale.

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