African country uses solar energy bicycle to change way of life thoroughly

African country is having rich solar energy resource generally, 3 Africa country is using solar energy 3 rounds of drive to be mixed 4 rounds in the experiment bicycle, the solar battery that bicycle of this kind of solar energy installs board, days can charge for batteries, provide power for the bicycle, the bicycle can bear the weight of 50-100 kilogram clog, be full of electric energy enough travel 50 kilometers, highest speed per hour can achieve 35 kilometers / hour.

Headquarters is located in Moroccan SolarECycles, offerring with solar energy can car reclaims litter, according to company author Roger · overcomes Lisitan to say, the Luo Bi inside the plans; Kenya capital that another company of the demand; Madagascar that needs 35000 cars to just can cover the throughout the country at least also is making likeness, 100 this kind of car is being made in, means of delivery serves as when using sale.

African country uses solar energy bicycle to change way of life thoroughly

To check the dependability of car, solarECycles company had corresponding test to car, kelisitan says we checked our car, from inside Luo Bi runs Mengbasa in all the course of development of 619 kilometers, change the way of life of common african in order to prove this new technology is capable thoroughly.

The company still participated in the Suntrip match that goes to Chinese Guangzhou from French Lyons 2018, what finished 12 thousand kilometer inside 45 days is itinerary. Although solar energy bicycle basically relies on solar energy to provide the sources of energy, but enraged that day not when beautiful solar energy cannot be used, also can join power source charges for batteries, also can resemble common bicycle when batteries does not have report completely same labor power undertakes riding going.

The price of this kind of car shilling of about 200 thousand Kenya (add up to) of 13366 yuan of RMBs about, can use the form of tick, day all 200 Kenya shilling (add up to) of 13 yuan of RMBs about, inside 3 years paid, solar battery board what can use 10 years is long.

The Kelisitan 30 years ago visited a of Cameroon small country, from place understanding arrives over there cacique, in dry season local need walks 14 kilometers go taking water, but till the solar battery board cost drops enough low when, they just can make a solar energy car with the price of 1000 dollars. 2014, kelisitan begins solar energy of research and development the archetypal product of the car, the purpose wants to provide the long motivation that is as long as 10 years and migratory capability for people namely.

According to U.N. development plans a report of arrange, in Sahala with the African area south, estimation has 625 million population unavailable electric power and contemporary the sources of energy, the purpose of SolarECycles lets these people enjoy the bonus of modern science and technology namely through providing cheap the sources of energy, it is OK also to use solar energy at the same time better protective environment, solar battery board the additional n of generation, can undertake charging for lamp of solar energy LED, develop to owe the area offers illumination.

SolarECycles hopes to be able to obtain sufficient financing, implementation produces per year car of 1 ten million, in order to satisfy African requirement, they still plan to develop solar energy car, predicting speed per hour can achieve 130 kilometers / hour.

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