Will SamSung deepen Chinese layout? National hair changes appoint the vice director interviews president of division of SamSung big China

On March 7, national hair changes appoint of vice director Ning Ji is in appoint inside interview Huang Degui of president of division of Korea SamSung big China, undertake communicating in the topic for discussion such as investment climate of foreign trader of Chinese business, China with respect to SamSung.

On March 6, ning Ji is in National People’s Congress of 13 whole nations discloses on the press conference of 2 conferences, in stimulative foreign trader investment advantage changes an aspect, hair change appoint simplifying jointly with relevant section and place put on record wait for administrative program, begin great foreign capital to the project serves and push the work.


Current, samSung of card of carapace of the sea in already rolling out city of Ba Sifu of city of BMW of Shenyang China morning, Shanghai tesla, benefit, benefit, Xi’an shines put chip, Jia Shanwo to overcome Si Li batteries two batches. The 3rd batch basically is in new energy resources, advanced make reach the domain such as information of petrifaction, electron, give with the ground, with the sea, with can, the support such as the program, accelerate annulus to evaluate batch of plan, produce demonstrative effect with this, guide each district to optimize a service, raise investment advantage to change rate further.

Project of chip of SamSung electron memory is at was in 2012 Xi’an high new developed area is introduced successfully, total investment of project of its first phase amounts to 10 billion dollar. This project becomes SamSung the project with the biggest dimensions of the investment on overseas investment history. As we have learned, project of first phase of chip of SamSung electron memory in May 2014 complete put into production. On August 30, 2017, samSung electron company limited and Shaanxi province government signed investment cooperation agreement, the decision is in Xi’an builds SamSung inside new and high and integrated free tax zone (China) chip of memory of semiconductor limited company 2 period project, 2 period foundation stone laying ceremony of project start working was held in March 2018, the extend job that predicts whole factory should end to 2019.

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