Two big foreign capital look at the same time decline, does silicon brilliant circle still support so that live?

On March 6, magenshidanli two big foreign capital see negotiable securities and Lyons negotiable securities at the same time decline near future of silicon brilliant round industry goes situation, reason is inventory water level is mixed high market demand is fatigued and weak. In this paragraph of period of semiconductor boom be issued to lower levels, go against the silicon brilliant circle with popular gesture for a time, also did not support?

Recently, negotiable securities points out Magenshidanli, water level of silicon brilliant round inventory rises supreme archives, the stage is gotten the better of division announce to depreciate even, industrial foreground nots allow hopeful.

Lyons negotiable securities thinks, although silicon brilliant round near future is growing to be protected about, the price did not drop considerably, the posture with market fatigued and weak demand still difficult alleviate, look so decline the round-the-world brilliant that Japan gets the better of tall, Taiwan and stage get the better of expression of division near future.

Brilliant circle

Before this, the stage gets the better of the quarter below family decision to will take the lead in moving fall part circle of brilliant of 12 inches of silicon quotes, fall about 6% to 10% differ, this was 2017 since silicon brilliant round factory depreciates first.

The stage is gotten the better of of the division depreciate this to mirror instead semiconductor boom from last year second half of the year removes take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, especially acute of memory industry demand is decreased, push circle of brilliant rising silicon to quote the kinetic energy that rise has dropped originally. Additional, the message points out, each brilliant circle makes Cheng factory also believing Yue Hesheng tall palaver to depreciate with Japanese big plant.

Magenshidanli Zhan Jiahong of analyst of industry of negotiable securities semiconductor, depreciate from station plant and drive up of water level of day plant inventory two respects, those who reiterated round to silicon brilliant industry is anxious.

Zhan Jiahong points out, the money this year measures Siltronic of international big plant show, shipment measures silicon brilliant circle first half of the year this year will remarkable under 2018 second half of the year. Besides depreciate, problem of the demote below shipment volume, quote of silicon brilliant round merchandise on hand also is gliding quickly, predict round-the-world brilliant grows the pressure that restrains the price bigger and bigger also.

Next, save according to Japanese economy industry in Feburary newest data giving heat, month of silicon brilliant round stock will add round plant of day silicon brilliant last year in December 27.2% , be the same as the inventory shipment of time to compare, crueler increase 8.1 percent to 40.3% , outclass is medium 2017 27.1% of low.

According to Zhan Jiahong before experience analysis thinks, every time inventory shipment is compared stand by 45% perch, glide those who accompany price of silicon brilliant round unit next.

Newest report represents Lyons negotiable security, get the better of next Xiu Shenggao, round-the-world brilliant and stage division share price to come respectively 1, 130 yen, 205 yuan (new station money, similarly hereinafter) with 78 yuan, 3 price are foreign capital encircles the appraise of share price lowest that supplies chain to silicon brilliant circle to be worth.

Hou Mingxiao of analyst of industry of semiconductor of Lyons negotiable securities points out, increasing evidence makes clear, the demand of silicon brilliant circle is changed infirmly, supply growth, inventory piles up and produce can utilization rate is reduced, it is occurrent fact.

This year in Feburary, round-the-world brilliant ever expressed, supply and demand of round whole of global silicon brilliant still lies this year healthy state, although show commodity price,brief sex pullbacks, price of silicon brilliant round annual still is met add goes up, just go up a meeting is contractible.

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