Toshiba together clear and electrician, begin to produce 18TB machinery hard disk

Clear and electrical engineering company limited (SDK) announce, had finished microwave of next generation hard disk to assist magnetism to record (MAMR) disc development, plan to deliver goods to Toshiba. Toshiba will be in this year later on, driver of hard disk of close to 18TB line undertakes sampling.  

Of SDK new the capacity that 3.5 inches of disc have 2TB, use new magnetism to record a layer. Toshiba expresses, the disc that 9 2TB use on the is based on MAMR close line hard disk in 18TB capacity. Clear and electrician did not disclose the detail of Toshiba 18TB hard disk, but with what have 7200 turn hard disk photograph is compared, the addition of face thickness will raise hard disk the biggest transmit rate continuously.

Mechanical hard disk
Last month, toshiba released hard disk of machine of first 16TBMG08 set, this is instantly industry most high capacity, use 9 dish to fill helium to enclose, CMR magnetism is recorded. In addition, toshiba used hot auxiliary magnetism to record (HAMR) 16TBExos hard disk also has given rare victory of the technology appearance.

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