TI head money applies to IGBT and SiC MOSFET and compositive the driver of segregation type grid that sends feeling function, but remarkable and managing specific power consumption, it is tall

Driver of new-style TI grid provides advanced monitoring and protective function, still can promote the overall system in car and industrial application efficiency at the same time

On March 18, 2019, apparatus of state of heart of Beijing dispatch – (TI) (Na Sida overcomes code: TXN) rolled out driver of grid of type of many new-style segregation recently. They can provide outstanding monitoring capability not only, still can build firm protective protective screen for high-pressured system. UCC21710-Q1, UCC21732-Q1 and UCC21750 can help stylist development is more cabinet, more efficient carry inverter of charger, solar energy and design of electric machinery drive with the drawing inverter that has more outstanding property, car. If need to know more news, visit UCC21710-Q1, UCC21732-Q1 and UCC21750 please.

These offerring compositive the equipment that sends feeling function is TI initiate, apply to insulation bar ambipolar model transistor (IGBT) and carborundum (semiconductor of SiC) metal oxide field effect transistor (MOSFET) , great simplified to design, and realized higher applied system reliability, working voltage of application is highest can amount to 1.5KVRMS. Depend on compositive type component, they can undertake detecting quickly, the needle provides effective protection to shedding incident too, and ensure the system is safe close machine.

UCC21710-Q1, UCC21732-Q1 and UCC21750 use capacitance to keep apart a technology, compose built longer segregation power base service life, offer at the same time tall enhance segregation voltage, fast data is transmitted and high density is enclosed.

Dovish sex makes “ system increasingly drive of high-pressured electric machinery and the ” of one big challenge that power output applies, say of Steve Lambouses of vice president of branch of power source of TI high pressure, these new-style grid driver used “ the advanced segregation technology of TI, combined other function and support, make engineer be able to faster the stage of production that enters reliable system, can fall systematic bulk and cost to lower. ”

The crucial function of UCC21710-Q1, UCC21732-Q1 and UCC21750 product and advantage

· enhances systematic performance: The height drive intensity of driver of grid of novel segregation type is ±10 A, this makes switch behavior is had the biggest be restricted to be worth, cut cost not only, and of 200 Ns shed protection to be able to start systematic protection quickly too.

· strengthens systematic level reliability: The buildup that UCC217xx series precedes through capacitance segregation technology and industry keeps apart voltage and the report that are as high as 12.8 KV to emerge the sex that fight faze, prolonged the service life that keeps apart power base. In addition, these equipment have the aid of exceed 150 V/ns in all modular very short time changes control capacity (CMTI) , ensured accurate data corresponds.

· reduces systematic size: These grid driver avoided the need that uses exterior component through compositive buffer and sensor, more but signal of imitate of type of segregation of have the aid of arrives wide modulation of PWM(arteries and veins) signal sensor offers accurate temperature, electric current or voltage to pass feeling, simplify to systematic level is diagnosed and prevent the design of switch breakdown considerably then.

Performance of advanced system of power source class and dependability

In addition, the industry that TI still announces to the face rises to interference rejection is spent and enlarge working temperature limits to need applies stylist, roll out UCC23513, this is the grid driver of component of a compatible photoelectricity, drive intensity is 3A, buildup safe segregation tension is 5KVRMS. Driver of this one new-style grid aims the systematic performance that big limit improves inverter of electric machinery drive, solar energy and power source facility and dependability. It is offerred from – 40ºC comes + the limits of wide node temperature of 150ºC and the CMTI that exceed 100 V/ns, make stylist can achieve the performance level that traditional opto-coupler cannot reach. Of UCC23513 of have the aid of and driver of smooth segregation grid cite a base to the compatibility that cite a base and off-the-peg design resource, the design of three-phase inverter reference that includes those who be used at 200-480 VAC drive to be based on photoelectricity to emulate input grid driver, stylist can shorten greatly the product appears on the market time.

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