The rise of the communication that exhibit dispatch also reveals those who give mainland chip tycoon to be born


A few this years chip develops the mainland advance rapidly, the show that dispatch communication exhibits below division of violet smooth group among them is most light eye, shipment is as high as 700 million, city is occupied than 27% , take the state power of global close 1/3 about, be next to beautiful business to be connected high with division of hair of Taiwan businessman couplet, the posture that form three rival powers and stands. The rise of the communication that exhibit dispatch also reveals those who give mainland chip tycoon to be born.

Additional, on 5G contest, china for not only the position that research and development is in the whole world to precede, more not Yu Weili is on research and development exert oneself. This company has major breakthrough on chip data recently, once more force pressing is connected high wait for chip manufacturer.

Only division of hair of Cigaotong, couplet

The communication that exhibit dispatch all the time since dedicated the research and development at mobile phone chip, although say to be in domain of chip of high-end mobile phone, this company is returned cannot with connect high wait for enterprise compare, but be in in low rank chip domain, the chip that exhibits dispatch however a new force suddenly rises. According to exhibiting dispatch to correspond the data last year April shows, resort sheet tastes chip of SC6531(mobile phone) excellent performance, volume of this company shipment achieves 7.68 million, force pressing is connected high, couplet hair division, ascend a head of a list of names posted up.

Mobile phone chip

At present the chip of the mainland still counts an import, below policy guiding, break next heavy gold to face towards the target of own innovation strides with all one’s strength, besides China for, the communication that exhibit dispatch also has absolutely right to speak in chip domain. Devote oneself to the manufacturer of research and development of the chip of mobile phone of consumptive electron product such as the smartphone as the mainland, the communication that exhibit dispatch obtains right result in the rapid development that goes a few years this.

Data shows, the shipment of base band chip of the communication that exhibit dispatch measures about 700 million, take the whole world 27% , be next to connect high with couplet hair division, yuan Chao Yu Hua is, platoon whole world the 3rd, reveal the communication that exhibit dispatch to be in the consequence of communication chip domain.

Land chip data has a breakthrough

Besides the excellent performance of the communication that exhibit dispatch, china to person hind also does not fall on these a few years of circuit in 5G, compare advanced country even even lead. Come as 5G times, china bend overtake successfully for 5G, take in all 5G patent 23% , force pressing is connected high wait for driving adversary, not only the technology is banner, went up in chip data recently, the mainland also greets major breakthrough!

Chip of the homebred communication that change 5G uses the mainland nitrogen changes gallium material to develop a success, by university of Xi’an electron science and technology academy of lake of overgrown with weeds is captured this difficulty, and this technology be about to business is used. Nitrogen turns gallium material is to be based on carborundum underlay, carborundum hardness is very big, mohs hardness is 9.5 class, be next to the hardest diamond on the world (10 class) , have good heat conduction performance, it is a kind of semiconductor, oxidation can be fought when high temperature, nitrogen changes gallium + the material of carborundum is combined in international domain of technology of the 3rd acting semiconductor is in banner level.



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