The longest shutdown 2 months! Reduction of output of 13 plants shutdown should decrease lucky Sa electron urgently to Chinese demand

Disclose according to relevant personage, lucky Sa electron in Feburary 2019 end issues an announcement, announce domestic and international all factory to will rest to the shutdown inside these 6 months September in April 2019.

The factory that this shutdown rests divides plant of the process after plant of the process before be is mixed. Among them, process plant will be mixed in May respectively before shutdown will rest in August (respectively a month controls) , nevertheless August return cease need sees demand redo judge. After that the shutdown breathing space of process plant is will come in April between September, the weekday of every month will be 14-15 day. Consider to agree to the client’s shipment, the mark second carry out book.

Lucky Sa electron
Day intermediary says, lucky Sa electron suffers shake of ursine 2016 this locality to affect, as a result of the requirement that the client raises to inventory, the product such as microprocessor is having the inquiry of high level all the time till 2017, but as a result of demand intermit, begin to turn from 18 years so to adjust a situation.

To eliminate difference of supply and demand, lucky Sa electron already began to carry out production to adjust. The chip of product line of lucky Sa electron throws a quantity to begin to decrease substantially from August 2018. Additional, come from fund buy a quantity to also begin to decrease from July 2018, quickened the changes appropriately collocation to inventory level.

Adopt these measure, the battalion of end controlled this company in December 2018 for 118 billion yen, with end photograph will be compared in September reduced 23.5 billion yen. Predict end will cut down left and right sides of 20 billion yen in December before this, but inventory adjusts those who compare forecast even successful.

Up to now, although adjust product line only this one strategy, but adjust this temporarily off likelihood is a company further, what can see a case is serious change. Day intermediary expresses, lucky Sa electron allows movement of factory low level with its, still be inferior to abandoning a plant absolutely.

From lucky Sa electron this decision can see, it is a delegate with the microprocessor of brunt product, those who showed current requirement compares forecast is even low fan.

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