The apple abandoned Intel the most quickly 2020, change collect processor of framework of ARM of oneself research and development

    The intermediary outside the basis ” Axios ” report, although malic company has not declare where one stands publicly, but development staff and processor bibcock Intel (Intel) tall canal has expressed under the counter, their predicting apple can abandon Intel processor the earliest 2020, turn and use oneself ARM framework processor. And this report also echo ” Peng Bo company ” a report a few days ago, its report points out, the Mac computer of processor of framework of first embarking ARM may come out 2020.
” Axios ” report expresses, malic plan develops in the person that get out of the way was sent 2021 theoretic can the application software with as all as the apple compatible hardware, include IPhone and Mac, and this plan is original at appearing first on congress of developer of malic whole world in June 2018. Although, the apple does not have the official name that plans to this. But actually, this plan had published 4 new application that use IOS system on Mac, included speech memorandum, news, family and share.
   According to media of foreign science and technology " 9to5mac " report points out, in software side, this plan of the apple this may be a stable development, because the apple can develop the MacOS of Intel version and version of ARM framework processor at the same time. However, the development of hardware respect may have some of difficulty. Because the apple needs to change hardware to use ARM the processor of the framework, this may need time a few years; And, because will still a lot of users use older Mac computer, make the MacOS that the apple still needs to allow prospective version and Intel processor compatible.
On the other hand, to Intel character, although such circumstance will be meant lose an important client. Nevertheless, this won’t cause huge impact possibly to its profit.
Basis ” Peng rich company ” report expresses, to 2020, the Mac business that Intel accumulates may compare the more that a few people anticipate. And, ” Axios ” also point out, crucial question does not depend on time, and depend on an apple can much more successful manage this one change. To development staff, this may need a paragraph of adjusted time, should assist already namely new old different Mac computer, also should assist new old different MacOS, the circumstance may be inferior to imagining in easy, extend the time that both sides cooperates again possibly also accordingly.
In fact, in 25 years of histories of Mac, apple had made major change a few times, from the processor of Motolora, change PowerPC to processor, turn to Intel again next. Exercise system respect, also work from classical Macintosh system, move arrives on the MacOSX that is based on Unix. And these processes are not short time finish, its final result how, still remain the test of time.

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