The ambition of IBM: Quanta computer also can come true rub Er is mensurable

Quanta computer has very powerful computation force, but for this pair of IBM, return it seems that insufficient. According to CNET message, IBM made a route chart, expression gave him to be calculated in quanta the ambition of the domain.

IBM gave bulk of quanta of an unit “ in the x-axis the above-listed of chart (QuantumVolume)” . This one unit can measure quanta computer to have bit of how many quanta not only (quanta bit is the crucial index) that measures data processing ability, in the quanta bit that still can measure the computer to never can be stabilized, obtain dosage of how many data.

The report says, IBM had realized 4 quanta bulk 2017, achieved 2018 8, go up through CES2019 the) of bit of quanta of quanta computer IBMQSystemOne(20 that reveal, reached 16 quanta volume.


This kind times add with rub Er law is very similar. Rub Er is mensurable by one of Intel author Gordon · rub Er puts forward, namely:

The transistor number that can contain on integrated circuit, make an appointment with every other two years to be able to increase one times

The David that ever held the post of Intel CEO · a person of extraordinary powers this after this is change of this one wording: “ predicts every 18 months, the function of chip will raise one times. ” rub Er law is producing effect a few years, but nowadays the miniaturization as processor circuit already no longer so reliable.

IBM researcher JayGambetta and SarahSheldon speak of in a statement:

To be in 20 time realize 21 centuries quanta advantage, we need to increase the quanta volume of double every year at least.

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