STM32G0 ecosystem will be patulous USB-C standard interface

The tool that through small controller the support to USB Type-C™ and agreement of attestation of Power Delivery(PD) 3.0 and STM32Cube ecosystem add newly and function, meaning law semiconductor is shortening stage by stageSTM32G0 The learning curve of * user.



STM32G0 small controller is on the world first current small controller that supports USB Type-C norms. The management of USB Type-C connector that the conformity of module of IP of interface of USB Type-C Power Delivery (UCPD) that meaning law semiconductor innovates passes attestation and PD agreement processing and small controller function, include Arm®Cortex®-M0 + kernel, be as high as 512 KB shine put and peripheral equipment, for example, DAC of 12 2.5 MSPS ADC, 2 passageways, fast comparator and high accuracy timer.


Piece on compositive amount to two UCPD interface. Every interface supports USB-C to use phone (SNK) , power supply (SRC) or dual role of the power supply that use phone (DRP) , support option of USB PD function, for example, PPS (process designing power source) mode, communication (CC) line firmware upgrades and message of test and verify.


Newer recently STM32CubeMX is configured implement can set port amount and choice SNK, SRC or DRP part.


STM32 ecosystem adds a tool newly recently, development staff can choose UCPD to install, make USB-C interface data and signal of electric source control visible. In the free tool that adds newly, tool of graph of analyzer of STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD USB PD is used at monitoring interface condition and message of agreement of examination USB PD, still allow as alternant as applied environment, to the target board send PD order. The other function that adds newly includes to need to click only can change power source part and data part setting easily, relaxed processing uses phone or power supply configures a file, and voltage of message of agreement of real time monitoring, bus line and electric current, so that debug application.


When STM32G0 exploration covers (the code that order: When any USB-C lead plane such as patulous a depressed place of STM32G071B-DISCO) join computer, smartphone or USB-C, development staff can examine the condition of power source function of USB-C port. STM32G071B-DISCO and STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD cooperate to use, it is the Power Delivery analyzer of a professional class, support is debugged thick and fast and develop alternant operation. The user still can be between two USB-C equipment dog or bag of data of infuse USB PD.


Finally, STM32G081B-EVAL high end develops platform to include to have two USB-C port child board, port government chip is STM32G0 MCU. Meaning law semiconductor still offers give a demonstration of applied process firmware, through all sorts of using exemple help user assesses USB-C technology.



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