Silicon Mitus is in 2019 congress of Barcelona world mobile (gain of floating platform innovation is shown on MWC)

The world’s banner sound shows, the experience that indication face plate and solution of whole of power source IC change mobile product consumer thoroughly

Board bridge of Korea head Er and Spain Basailongna–On Feburary 25, 2019–Integrated circuit of power source management (PMIC) and Silicon Mitus of technologist of frequency semiconductor solution, inc. Will attend in Feburary 25 in Spain to 28 days Basailongna holds 2019 world mobile congress (MWC) , the design engineer that seeks parts of an apparatus of efficient, high-powered IC for product of mobile consumption electron is met in 2C27MR auditoria.

Made the trend of mobile equipment as system of the sound inside immensity casing screen, silicon Mitus will be revealed to the person that look around can offer 40 Vpp the fever of voltage of the biggest output is friendly SMA6101 of indication product of class grade sound, share SMA6301 of product of the generation below development SMA6101 and SMA6302, and HiFi DAC and indication sound is compositive the working achievement of chip. Reveal to cooperate what this kind of sound demonstrates a skill, the LED solution that Silicon Mitus will publish the Gao Liang that does not have frame smartphone and notebook computer with cooperating via optimizing to spend He Quanbing act to develop a tendency.

In addition, lineup of product of Silicon Mitus frequency still included to support the “HiFi DAC Plus PA” of 384 KHz PCM, DSD512 and DoP256 technology, and use at AI loudhailer to mix contain 192 KHz to input in order to implement the SMA150X series of Hi-Res stereo. The person that look around still can see newest IF-PMIC parts of an apparatus, compositive charger of 8 A of capacitor of the development achievement SM5248 of batteries management system, switch, and contain I/O interface function (include Type-C) , mix for smartphone, mobile phone can apparel to equipment saves device space and reduce chip cost.

Silicon Mitus whole world sells and Dongchun Kim of sale executive vice-president expresses: “ shows frequency IC through distinctive voice, we are answering the immensity casing of mobile technology actively to develop tide. Silicon Mitus is mixed to the OLED of the company those who apply to portable apparatus is muti_function solution of compositive power source feels very proud, postpone this world’s greatest mobile trade grand meeting through joining, show these solutions the whole world. ”

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