Sichuan or at beginning 5G 2019 nobody drive test

Change in car intelligence, below the tide that net couplet turns, 5G also becomes one of the most popular topics. Recently, countrywide National People’s Congress is represented, chen Xin of secretary of long, leading Party group is in Sichuan province economy and informatization hall hall express when column of first gear of be a guest, sichuan will attach most importance to a dot with couplet of 5G intelligence network, accelerate close test field construction, what hopeful building whole nation attachs most importance to a dot first times with couplet of 5G intelligence network is unmanned drive the car closes test field, strive relevant test work is begun inside year.

Chen Xin has express, with other province city drives around nobody car product or nobody drive the test that car road environment attachs most importance to a dot is disparate, what Sichuan province attachs most importance to a dot with couplet of 5G intelligence network is unmanned drive the car closes test field plan builds inside year, this drives for nobody the car moves in Sichuan offerred technical premise: “ applies as 5G technology development, undertake in Chengdu not only it is a road tries, it is creation of a kind of innovation more, ecbolic and unmanned driving alternant function blossoms and bear fruit, 5G car will bring a revolution of automobile industry. ”


Drive to nobody to 5G brought technology changes, chen Xin has think 5G is in each respect such as efficiency of density of transmission rate, join, communication realizes 1000 times right-and-left promotion, have big bandwidth, low when delay, big connective characteristic, let nobody drive the car walks into the life from the film. In addition he is specific still mentioned a setting: In order to control high speed travel medium car is urgent jockey for exemple, if be controlled with 4G, the car wants travel implementation of 2.8 meters of ability jockeys, if be controlled with 5G, can saying is between millisecond make response, car travel can jockey 2.8 centimeters.

It is reported, area of post of spring of dragon of the Chengdu City is being accelerated at present advance nobody to drive the car detects reach innovation center to build relevant project. And gain ground in 5G technology heat below, in fact home already had many to save network of city layout 5G. For example Wuhan developing zone and Hubei shift are signed formally propose new energy resources and agreement of intelligent car base in all, will make Beijing of; of motordrome of couplet of network of intelligence of scene of full-court of 5G of countrywide head home also plan to was in Beijing 2019 world garden is met, the 5G of setting be born such as along the line of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, Chang’an Street experimented 2022 network.

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